Scarce or Not? (Test 2)

Read the following and select the correct answer. After Hurricane Rita and Katrina hit Louisiana, some items were scarce. Read and answer whether the items were scarce or not.

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. After the hurricane, 111 families lost their home on Sims street. There are 4 houses in the next town.
2. There are 111 children who need shirts tomorrow. 333 shirts were donated to the church.
3. I saw 119 families gather for more food. Each family was going to get one bag. There were 120 bags of food.
4.Sue told me that 29 churches were ruined. 9 have opened again.
5. There are 30 shirts on sale and 109 people who need to buy some.
6. There are 222 students at the new school and 122 lockers are available.
7. There are 2 small cartons of orange juice for 7 kids in the refrigerator for supper tonight.
8. There are 300 boxes of new crayons at the store and 130 children each need a box.