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Directions: Read the story and type the sequence of how Steen's Syrup is made in the flow chart.

 In this story, you will learn about the journey of one Louisiana product called ďSteenís Syrup.Ē This product is produced in Abbeville, Louisiana is almost 100 years old.

Each batch starts with one popular Louisiana agriculture crop called sugar cane. Although some things have changed, one thing hasnít. Since the plantation days, sugar cane crops are still planted the same way. It is hand laid into the soil. The seed cane is covered and allowed to grow. Fifteen months later. the crop will be harvested.

Today, mechanized equipment cut sugar cane, strips it of its leaves and loads it on to hydraulic dump carts. Then it will be processed at the C. S. Steen Syrup Mill.

Once the syrup is packaged, the producers of this product then ship it to stores to be sold. It is then bought or purchased by consumers and brought home.

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More Steen Syrup Information!

Created by Stacy Bodin with the permission of
Steenís Syrup Company.  (February 13, 2008)

A special thank you goes out to the Steen Family for permission to share this information
with Louisiana students learning about Louisiana economics and agriculture.



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