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An Economics Lesson on Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce (See booklet info)

In south Louisiana, there is a place named Avery Island. It is an area with a unique history. The island is known for itís production of Tabasco Hot Sauce. The Mclhenny family has produced this product since 1868. The Mclhenny Family and workers are the producers of Tabasco.
Tabasco is made with hot peppers and sold to
consumers daily. Consumers are the people who buy the Tabasco product.
The hot peppers are grown until their color is bright red. The pickers use a red stick to make sure the color is perfect for picking. To have a successful
product, the workers know how important it is to get the recipe right.
After the third year, the mash is ground into a pepper sauce and is ready for the
production line. Then the product is ready to be processed and bottled.
producers then take the Tabasco mash and it is sent to the factory to be placed in bottles and packaged.  After the packaging takes place, the bottles are sent to consumers around the world.
Tabasco is an international
product which is sold in many different countries in the world. Consumers around the globe buy Tabasco Sauce and other products. 

To see the process with photos, click here to see the
Tabasco PowerPoint.

Discussion Questions



1. What is the name of the product in this story?

2. What are producers?

3. What are consumers?

4. Who are the producers in this story?

5. Who are the consumers in this story?

6. Do you think having this product in Louisiana is a good thing? Why or why not?

7. Think About This Question: Hurricanes and storms are a threat to southern Louisiana coastal parishes. Do you think Hurricanes can affect the production of this product? Explain your answer.


To see the process with photos, click here to see the PowerPoint. To print a booklet in color click here! For black and white click here!

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