OVERVIEW of the Internet Resource Database

The Internet Resource Database project is a collaboration of the Region IV Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center and various teachers and staff of the Vermilion Parish School Board.  The team members are listed at the bottom of this page.  Those submissions listed as "Team" are the efforts of these people.  A submission form is in the main menu for you to add Internet Resources to our database for all to use.  We really would appreciate your submissions.  Because of security and spam however, we must approve all entries before they will show up.

The purpose of this project is to facilitate the integration of technology into the curriculum by providing high quality Internet Resources which are correlated to the activities and GLE's of the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum.

One of the best features of a database is the ease of entry and searching the database by categories! Various searches have been incorporated for your convenience. Since the database is fairly large, we suggest you search by Area, Grade, Unit, or GLE to quickly display the matching resources. Use a "%" (Percent Sign) to search for all entries. If you wish to search for single digit activities or units, placing a 0 (zero) in front will eliminate numbers in the double digits. (Example: Using 04 will only display GLE 4 and not 14, 24, 34 etc... while searching for 4 will display all occurrences of 4).

Many Thanks to the hard work of the following people who have entered over 4500 Internet Resources in the database correlated to the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum.

Summer 2006 Team

Melanie Alleman
Stacy Bodin
Denise Clark
Jeannie Cormier
Mike Dartez
Nannette Delcambre
Jude Dubois
Jill Esquivel
Andra Gaspard
Ann Hardy
Candy Kelly
Tara Leonard
Erin Logan
Lola Potier

Summer 2005 Team
Stacy Bodin
Denise Clark
Kim Etie
Tammy Nunez


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