Cobian Backup Program

This freeware can be installed from the public folder on the Proxy server in a folder named Backup Software.


Launch the installer and accept all of the defaults such as agreement, folder location, etc. until you see the screen

Select the second radio button  as shown above. Click next and complete the installation.


1.    Double click on the yellow half moon icon in the Status Bar next to the time in the lower right hand corner to launch the program.

2.    Click Tasks on the drop down menu and then click on "Add a Task". You will see the window below:

3.    Type a name that describes the backup you want to perform. The above example will overwrite the existing backup every week.  Next click the files tab to open the window below:

4.    Click the open folder icon to browse to a folder you wish to backup. Your My Documents folder is the most logical one to select. Click on the open folder icon in the Destination section and select your user network folder on your school server and click OK. Click the schedule tab and you will open the window below:

5.    Last choose Daily as the backup type and choose a time during the school day when you will be least likely to be using the computer.

*Each day at the specified time the program will launch automatically and perform a backup to your server folder in a zipped format. In a worst case disaster, your critical files will be able to be retrieved.

Follow THIS LINK to find out what files you should backup.


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