Using Filters with Eudora

Although these instructions are for Version 6 of Eudora, I believe other versions are similar.

If your versions do not have filters, you may want to upgrade to a newer version.  See the the "Email Programs" folder on the mapped drive to "proxy\public" if you need a newer version.

Creating a Filter using Eudora Version 6

1) Start Eudora
2) Click "Special" on the menu bar and choose "Make Filter"
3) Make sure "Incoming" and "Manual" are checked ...
4) Choose the "From" button and enter "" in the "contains" box
5) For the Action, select "Transfer to new Mailbox" and enter "Vermilion" in the box.
       (If you already have a mailbox called Vermilion, then check "Existing ..." and select it)
6) Click "Create Filter" when the above info is correct!

Filtering Messages

Now that the filter was created, all new incoming messages from "" should automatically filter those messages into the vermilion folder.  Try sending a message to yourself to see how it works.  It should bring up the vermilion folder at the bottom of the screen to let you know that you got a new message.

Should you wish to filter older messages like your inbox now that the filter is in place:
1) Select your inbox (or whatever folder) you wish to filter after creating the filter
2) Then click "Edit" from the menu bar and then "Select All"
3) Then select "Special" from the menu bar and select "Filter Messages"
4) The open your "Vermilion" folder and see all the messages from only ""

Should you need more info, email