Creating Folders and Filters in Outlook Express Mail

Organizing your email program will save time and may help you to avoid missing important messages that are sent from within the Parish.

Follow the step below to create a folder and filter that will send all mail received from a person with a address to a designated folder. For this particular filter, we will tell the program that when it receives messages from people with the email address that contains “”, the messages should be sent to a particular folder.


Open Outlook Express

 On the Menu bar, select tools, then Message Rules and then Mail. You will see the following window that will allow you to create a new rule. 

Check off the options in the New Mail Rule window just as they are selected in the window below.  (Where From Line contains People and Move to Specified folder)


Give your new rule a name.  I named this rule, Vermilion. 

Use the hyperlinks in the window to enter the criteria for the rule.

The “contains people” link will open this window.

Enter “” and click the Add button. (NO QUOTES) 

  Click OK 

Next you will use the link on the word “specified

This will allow you to select a location for your messages when they arrive.   

You can select an existing folder by clicking the plus sign then selecting a folder.

Use the New Folder button and create a new folder especially for these messages.

 When you click the New Folder button, you will see the following screen where you can give the new folder a name.




Select a location where you would like these messages stored and hit OK, OK, OK.



You can  run this filter on existing mail by following these steps:

On the Menu bar, select tools, then Message Rules and then Mail.   

You will then see this window:

Select Apply Now. 

Select the Filter and Click Apply Now once more. 

Visit your email program and all VRML messages should be where you wanted them.

If you need further assistance contact