Filters In Outlook 

To create filters in Outlook 2003 click on Tools in the menu bar and Rules and Alerts.  You will then see the following screen.  Here select create a new rule. 

 You will get the next window.  This window allows you to create a rule to send all mail from the addresses ending with to a folder you create.












The "people or distribution" link will lead you to the screen that will let you specify that you want the addresses to read  simply type this in the textbox under the words, “Type Name or select from list”

Next, specify the folder you would like to send it to by following the "specified folder" link.

From this point you can direct your mail to an existing folder of create a new one by selecting the new button.  You can create a folder called Vermilion and then select it.  Click Next then Finish and you are all done. 

To run the filter now, simply select this option at the top of the next window and choose the filter you want to run.


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