Evaluating Sources, Educational Use
Teachers and students alike need to be able to evaluate sources before taking anything that is written as the truth.  Be aware that anyone can put anything on the Internet, either on a website, or by sending you an email.  Viruses can also send out emails that appear to come from friends or people who have listed you in their address book.  Emails that are not educational, no matter how cute, should not be forwarded and using up resources on our educational network.

EXAMPLEA hoax email message is making rounds asking clients to delete the jdbgmgr.exe file, falsely claiming that it is a virus and not detected by anti-virus software.  Please do not forward any messages that you cannot guarantee as authentic. For more info on the hoax, checkout Symantec!

EXAMPLE:  Never open an attachment unless you are expecting the attachment! A virus can send itself through email from someone who is already infected.  Many viruses are being sent throughout the parish.  Please do not fall victim to one of them. 

EXAMPLE: Do not forward email to 5 or 10 of your friends using our educational network. Please use your own home account for these purposes.

When in doubt about an email or virus, call or email jdubois