VNC Remote Control Installation

VNC is a remote control program that can allow one computer on a network gain access control of another computer. It is made available to users in order for a technology person in the system to assist a teacher or administrator having problems with a computer by remotely accessing that computer from his own without having to travel to the school location, so that problems may be solved more quickly. In order to gain access to your computer, several things must be done:

*VNC will work with all Windows operating systems.

1.    VNC must be installed onto your computer.
2.    VNCwill launch automatically when the computer is logged onto the network.
3.    A password must be entered to prevent anonymous access to your computer by just anyone.
4.    The IP address and password assigned to the machine must be given to the remote administrator.

Please follow the instructions below to install VNC onto your computer:

1.    Log onto your computer with your Windows network username and password. You can access the program from the
       Public folder on the Proxy server that is automatically mapped when you log on. The folder is named "VNC".
       Open the "VNC" folder and double click the "vnc-3.3.7-x86_win32.exe" icon. The following window will appear:




Click Yes to begin the installation. You will see the setup window.

Again click next and also yes to the license agreement. The next window will apprear; accept the default location.

Also click yes to the next window:

Accept the default values shown below and click next.

Again accept the default values for the next window shown below:

*IMPORTANT STEP - put check marks in the two lower boxes as shown below and the click next.

Click Install as shown in the window below:

After the program is installed you will see the following window:

Click Next.

If your computer prompts you to restart then do so. After the service runs you will be prompted to enter a password for VNC. Type in the password "jude" in lower case without the quotes. On Windows 95 and 98 computers this will again happen when the computer is restarted.

A white icon will appear near the clock time in the right hand lower system tray. If you place your mouse cursor over the icon the IP address assigned to that computer will appear. Write down the IP address as we will need it in order to access the computer when you have a problem. You can either call or e-mail your question along with the IP address of the computer.