Colorado Teachers Help Out Vermilion Parish Public Schools!

Our lives were brightened recently by a group of teachers on Spring Break from Jefferson County Colorado.  Their purpose was simple, they wanted to help in any way they could. 

Pictured above are Superintendent Joey Hebert, Tim Murray, John Ford, Robin Ogren, Kerrie Dallman, Mike Jagel, and Asst. Superintendent Robert Rizzuto

Their actions were manifested by constructing 100+ book cases, one for each classroom at Dozier, Erath Middle, and Erath High. Why would total strangers sacrifice their Spring Break, travel to Cajun country for the sole purpose building wooden shelving for total strangers?  Their explanation was a simple one.  They had been forever touched by the compassion of strangers in 1999 when tragedy struck at nearby Columbine High School.  The outpouring of kindness they felt after the catastrophe left them with a yearning to respond in kind to others that were in need.

When asked about what was most memorable about their trip, the instant response was “the people”.  They were moved by the spirit of the people of Vermilion Parish and their ability to respond to devastation.  They were also taken with the hospitality shown to them and, of course, the food.  They spoke in unison about eating alligator, boudin, cracklins, and seafood gumbo.  They even commented that the rice tasted better here than in Colorado.  There were also some veiled complaints about putting on a few extra pounds.

The culmination of the experience was succinctly stated by one of the visitors, Mike Jagel.  “There are no boundaries for teachers.  We saw what happened and we knew we had to help.”

It has been said that heroism occurs when ordinary people perform extraordinary feats.  The Vermilion Parish School system is forever grateful to Tim Murray, John Ford, Robin Ogren, Kerrie Dallman, and Mike Jagel -  heroes who arrived to save the day not on shimmering white steeds but in a shiny motor home.