Why I Chose to Teach

Being the daughter of two classroom teachers, I had always said that I would never become a teacher.  I saw the struggles that my parents went through living on teachers’ salaries.  I had even bet my high school history teacher a quarter that I would never become a teacher. 


It wasn’t until my first day of college chemistry that I realized that teaching was my calling.  My college professor asked that we all draw a model of an atom on a piece of paper so he could walk around and check our work.  When he got to my desk, he looked at my work, placed his hand on my shoulder and asked where I went to high school.  When I told him, he looked at me with pity in his eyes and said that he would tutor me to pass his class because students from my high school were so far behind that they very seldom passed on the first try.  It was at that moment that I decided to become a teacher. I vowed from that day forward that students from my high school would never be humiliated like I had been.  I wanted to go back to my community and teach the youth that they had just as many resources and just as much talent as students from larger high schools and bigger cities. 


I’ll never forget my first day of teaching. When I walked into the building, that same history teacher was substituting for a teacher on maternity leave.  He walked up to me with his hand held out and said “Where’s my quarter – I told you, you would become a teacher”.  Since that day many years ago, I have made it my mission to prepare the students at our high school for their futures.  Many people claim that teaching is NOT a rewarding career.  The reward is not a monetary one.  I cannot describe how I feel when students come back to visit me and thank me for everything I did to help them.  That feeling is something that money cannot buy.

Personal Information

I have been married for 22 years to a wonderful husband, Timothy Mire.  My parents are James and Dorothy Quebodeaux

I am very active in two women’s organizations in Kaplan, Chez Elles and Epsilon Chi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.  I am currently serving as president of both organizations.  I am also a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, a women’s teaching organization.  I held the office of president for two years and I am currently serving as parliamentarian.  I also help sponsor the Pirates’ Gold Dance Team at Kaplan High School.

When I am not busy with these organizations, I enjoy exercising, traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


 "I cannot describe how I feel when students come back to visit me and thank me for everything I did to help them.  That feeling is something that money cannot buy."

Professional Information

  • Educational History

    • Summer 2005 & 2006:  Louisiana State University – C3

    • Summer 2006:  Louisiana Tech University – C3 & Forensics

    • 1992 – 1999:  University of Southwestern Louisiana – various courses (Ex. PRISMS)

    • 1988 – 1992:  McNeese State University – Master Of Education Plus 30 Graduate Hours

    • 1981 – 1986:  University of Southwestern Louisiana – Bachelor of Science in Education

  • Teaching Employment History

    • 2003 to present:  Kaplan High School

    • Chemistry, Physics, Biology II

    • 2002 - 2003:  Erath High School - Assistant Principal

    • 1989 - 2002:  Kaplan High School - Chemistry, Physics, Biology II, Physical Science

    • 1986 to 1989:  Rene Rost Middle School Science and Reading Sixth and Seventh Grades

Meet the Teacher Corner

Vermilion Parish High School
Teacher of the Year Patrice Mire

The 2008-09 Vermilion Parish High School Teacher of the Year is Patrice Mire, a chemistry, biology II, and physics from Kaplan High School.

Mrs. Mire is a firm  believer that a person can have all the content knowledge in the world, but being able to relate that knowledge to students is a gift that only a true teacher possesses. She feels that the ways of the past are not effective for students to excel in today’s society and that students are no longer satisfied or prepared for the work world if they sit in a classroom and take notes. She believes that the students must be an integral part of the learning process by becoming actively involved. She stated that "the students  want to do science, not memorize science".

When you walk in Patrice Mire's classroom, students are collecting and analyzing data using cutting edge technology. Her reward is realized when she sees the “light bulb go off” as they are running their experiments, or when they say “Cool, I didn’t know that’s how that worked!”

Kaplan High School Principal Ms. Laura LeBeouf, stated that “Mrs. Mire's  ongoing commitment to Vermilion Parish, science education, the commitment and loyalty she has shown to the profession about high standards and excellence in the classroom make her an excellent choice for Vermilion Parish Teacher of the Year.”


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2008 Teacher Inservice Presenter Patrice Mire assists with High School Science lessons.
Mini Lacue Presenter Patrice Mire with Fran Granger and Science Supervisor Roland Pautz prepare for a Chevron Equipment Session.

Mrs. Mire's Class after winning a Grant. Read more here!

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