Vermilion Parish Parenting Center

It takes a whole village to raise a child. -- African Proverb

Contact Information

Bridget Winters
Parent Involvement Facilitator Safe and Drug Free Schools Facilitator

700 Charity Street
Abbeville, LA 70510



Hours of Operation
Monday - Wednesday

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Thursday - Friday
Appointment Only

The Parenting Center follows the school schedule and is closed accordingly.

The Vermilion Parish Parenting Center's main purpose is to assist parents in working more effectively with their children at home.  The center and its programs are designed to help promote opportunities for positive interaction between school and home. 

Some of the services offered to parents:
Educational Materials For Loan:
                     (Videos, Puzzles, Flashcards, Games, Books on Tape, and More)
   Workbooks and Worksheets:
                     (Used to Reinforce the Skills Taught in the Classroom)
   Meaningful Workshops
   Home Visits
   Assistance with Parent-Teacher Conferences
   Individual Consultation
   Information and Support Services

Our job as a parent is to love, nurture, teach, and guide our children so that they may one day be productive, happy, and healthy members of their community.

The Parenting Center provides resources to help parents learn skills to become more effective parents.  Take advantage of the many workshops offered throughout the year.

Calendar - A list of events located at the Parenting Center

The Parenting Center has many resources available to parents, teachers, and counselors.  Please call for more information.

Search - A list of video and book resources available for checkout is coming soon

The Parenting Center also carries a variety of activity sheets available for students.  Parents can call the center at any time and request grade specific material for their children.  All activity sheets are educational and may require help from a parent. 

Parents can get assistance with the following skills and more:

Reading Skills:
Phonemic Awareness
High Frequency Words
Pre-K and K Skills
DIBELS Information

Math Skills:
Basic Facts
Math Concepts
Problem Solving
Numbers & Operations

Online Resources

Internet Safety Site for Parents
Vermilion's V.O.I.S.E.
(Vision of Outstanding Internet Safety in Education)

Online Student Educational Resources

Online Parent Resources

Parent Resource Page Organized By TLTC

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