The WebGradebook is modeled on JGradebook.  It is a browser based grade book which can be used from home.  The only requirements are Internet Explorer and an internet connection.  Internet Explorer is a free web browser which comes with Microsoft Windows.  A broadband internet connection, such as DSL or Cable, will be faster but dial-up connections should work.  The response may be slower than using the grade book at school.  Be patient. 

Features will be added to WebGradebook in the future to approximate the functionality of JGradebook.  For now the WebGradebook can be used to create or edit an assignment, and enter grades for that assignment, which are the functions most likely to be used from home.  One difference in using Webgradebook than JGradebook is the need to click the Save button located at the top left (Looks like a diskette) after entering all the grades for an assignment.  Another way to save the grades is by clicking “Grades” at the top, then clicking “Save Grades.”  The "Copy to Section" feature of the assignment creation is not yet implemented!

The link for WebGradebook is

From School:
   (This is an internal site and you must change your proxy settings in Internet Explorer for it to work!  Click Here for Instructions!)

From Home: https://vpsd9.vrml.k12.la.us:8443/gbook/WebGradebook.GradesRegistrationForm

When the link is clicked, an informational message about a Certificate may appear.  Choose to accept the certificate.  The familiar green splash screen for JGradebook will appear.  Enter the correct information for District (057), School (choose your school from the list), and Year (choose current school year from the list).  The UserId and Password are the same as for JGradebook.  Click “Sign In.”  When the grade book appears, choose “Teacher,” “Section,” and “Marking Period” at the bottom.

Whether assignments and grades are entered through JGradebook or WebGradebook, they are stored in the same place.  Assignments created through WebGradebook can be edited using JGradebook.  This would be necessary in order to enter Unit, Activity and GLE information, which can only be entered through JGradebook at this time.