Parent/Guardian Internet Resources


The Vermilion Parish School Board is pleased to provide Internet based resources for parents or guardians.  These web sites can help a parent or guardian keep track of their child’s homework assignments, teacher calendars, teacher web sites, grades, discipline, attendance, and transcript information.


There are two primary web sites for parents or guardians to use:


Teacher Websites and Homework through OnCourse 

The OnCourse web site shows information in the following areas:

·         Student Homework

·         School & Teacher Calendars

·         Teacher Web Sites


Parent's Communication "Command" Center

The Parent Command Center web site shows information only for the parent or guardian’s child in the following areas:

·         Student Attendance

·         Student Discipline

·         Student Grades

·         Student Transcripts


The web sites can be accessed by going to, then clicking on the “Parent Resources” link.


Teacher Websites and Homework Through OnCourse Directions


1. At Parent’s Resources link, click the Teacher Websites & Homework link to view student homework, calendars & teacher web sites.


2. At the Parent’s OnCourse Web Page, scroll through the school listings and click on your child’s school name.

3. At your child’s school OnCourse web page, click on a School Calendar to see events taking place during the current month.


4. Click on your child’s teacher’s name to see homework assignments or other important information related to their class.


5. Announcements appear to the right on the teacher’s homepage. Click on Homework & Events to see a calendar

related to this teacher’s class information and homework.


6. Click on the Homework link on the appropriate day to view your child’s homework for that teacher.





Parent Communication "Command" Center Directions


Step 1: 

At the Parent’s Resources link, click the Parent Command Center link.

A website security certificate message will appear. Depending on your browser type, select to “Continue to this website” or for “Do you want to proceed?” , answer “YES”. Information is still encrypted and secure, we just do not have our own certificate.

On the next screen, Click on “Register a New User”. 




Step 2:

Select your relationship to the student by clicking on the down arrow next to “Select”, then clicking on the appropriate relationship.  Enter the First, Middle and Last name of the person associated with the selected relationship. Enter the last 5 digits of the student’s Social Security Number as the PSN. As noted on the web page, only the relationship, last name and PSN are required.   By default, the PSN is the last 5 digits of the Student’s SSN.  This is the primary safeguard for the account.  It is a number you should know, but others should not. For example, if you select “Father” as the relationship, you would enter the father’s last name and the last 5 digits of the student’s Social Security Number.  The last name must match what is entered by the school as the father’s last name.  If Mother is selected, the last name entered by the school may be her maiden name. The remaining data should be entered for further verification purposes.







Step 3:

Create a separate username and password for each child.  We recommend that you include the child’s name as part of the username.  The password can be the same for all accounts.  Choose a question and supply an answer for the two prompts in order to create a new password should you forget it.


Step 4:

Try your login and password.  You should see your child’s name enrolled in Vermilion Parish Schools.  Click on the child’s name, and then click the links to see current Attendance, Discipline, Grade Averages, Progress Reports and Transcript Information.



Troubleshooting - Notes:


I can’t create a login:  Make sure you are using the Last name of the selected relationship (Guardian, Father, Mother) and that the school has entered it correctly. Also, the last 5 digits of the student’s Social Security Number must be entered correctly by both the person registering for the parent login and the school.  If you are sure you are entering the information correctly, contact the school(s) to verify.


Will other people see my child’s information on the Internet?  No.  Parents and Guardians see only the information for their own child.


Do the schools have access to my account?  No.  Only the person who creates the account will know the login and password.


How often is the Parent Command Center information updated?  The information is “real time”.  When information is entered by the school, it is immediately available in the Parent Command Center.


What's this about a security certificate?
The Vermilion Parish School System does not yet have a security certificate assigned to it, but the information is encrypted and secure.  Click to continue even though it gives a warning about no security certificate.


I don’t have Internet at my home.  What can I do?  The Vermilion Parish Library has Internet-connected computers for use by the public at its main location and at branch libraries throughout the parish.