Setting up and Connecting To a Print Share

1.    Locate and write down the "name" of the computer that the printer is connected to. This information is found on a Windows XP Pro computer by right clicking on the My Computer icon on the desktop then clicking "Properties" on the drop down menu. You will see the Window below after clicking the Computer Name tab. The name of the example computer below is donald. You  DO NOT  need the entire domain name that follows it. (


(If you wish to change the name of the computer at this point simply click the Change button and type it into the dialog box you will see).

A Windows 2000 computer follows the same steps but looks slightly different but the tab to click is named "Network Identification".

2.    Next locate and write down the name of the printer share on the computer by clicking the Start button then Printers. Right click on the printer that you will share and click "Sharing". You will see a Window like the one below:

3.    Click the radio button to Share the printer and you can also choose to list it in our Directory although the latter is not necessary. You can use any unique share name to identify it on the network. It's a good idea to keep it informative and simple. (Ex. as above  or   hp1320rm22) WRITE DOWN THE SHARE NAME THAT 

4.    If you will be connecting Windows 95 and 98 computers to the share click the "Additional Drivers" Button and add those operating system drivers as shown below:

5. Now we have the information we need to connect to this printer from another computer.

6. Log onto the network at the computer you want to connect to the printer share and again click the Start button then Printers. Click the "Add Printer icon". It is in slightly different locations in different versions of Windows.  You will see a window similar to the one below:

Click Next to see:

You will have to click the radio button indicating that you want to install a network printer. Click Next!

7.    Click the radio button as shown above and type into the dialog box the path to the shared printer. There is and example shown under the box.  you must type in \\ before the computer name and a single\ before the share
name of the printer. You will then be prompted if you wish to use this printer as the default printer for that
computer. Click Yes!

8.    Lastly Click Finish to complete the installation. You will see drivers install and you can print a test page if you wish to test it.

Congratulations! You're done!!