"Raising the Bar"

Vermilion Parish Schools

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"Raising the Bar"

Vermilion Parish Schools

"Raising the Bar"
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Welcome to the  2010-2011 Vermilion Parish Curriculum Site.  Throughout the summer, we will continue adding links on this site for the upcoming school year.   Our 2008-2009 site is still available here!

The site may be searched using bar menus placed on either side of this page.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Vermilion Parish Supervisors, educators and technology staff members who have offered their guidance, support and suggestions the past two years.

Keep checking back as more productive sites are added!


What's new?

  • August 16th-1st day for 1-12

  • Pre K and K schedules can be seen here!

  • Pacing Charts

  • Older Teacher Links on VRML page can be found here!


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