Vermilion Parish Elementary Curriculum
"Raising the Bar"

Tumble Books Online Stories!
  • Click on this link for FREE Tumble Books (Courtesy of the Lafayette Public Library)

  • First, the link will bring you to the Children's Page at the Lafayette Parish Public Library. 

  • Scroll down a little and click on "e books". 

  • Click on "Story Books" or "Tumble Readers (with quizzes), then go to the letters to view title  links.

  • Click "View Online" or even "add" your stories to your favorites (see link at top) or to the "Playlist" for the children to hear.

  • NOTE: A shortcut to the story itself will NOT work! It will bring you to the Tumblebook site that you have to register for. If you want to bookmark it to keep, bookmark the Lafayette Parish Library Link.

  • The URL is

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