Vermilion Parish 1st Grade Curriculum
"Raising the Bar"

High Frequency Words Rapid Naming Charts
  Theme 1 Theme 2
Week One

Week Two

The Hat

Sam and the Bag


Jack and Rick

Todd's Box

All That Corn


Dan's Pet

Boots for Beth

Space Pup

Where do Frogs Come From?

Try Your Best

Fun with Fish


Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5
I Am A Butterfly

Did You See Chip?

Tomas Rivera

On The Way to The Pond

Friends Forever

The Fox and the Stork


A Bed Full of Cats

Me On The Map

At Home Around the World

 Tell Me A Story

My Robot 

On The Job With Dr. Martha Smith

Little Bear's Friend

Busy Buzzy Bee


The Story of Blue Bird

Frog and Toad All Year

Fishing Bears

How to Be A Nature Detective

The Puddle

Poppleton Everyday

Sleep is for Everyone


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