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How Do I Use These MS Word Templates with my students?

The purpose of a pre made template is a time saver. The font is set for them. The students can ONLY TYPE in the GRAY SHADED AREAS and no where else.  (NOTE: The gray area will NOT show on the printed copies.

1. First, find the template you want the children to use. Then right click on the MS Word Template link.  You will get a screen like you see to the right. Click "Save Target As"....
2. Now it will download the template. For the younger students, you may want to save it  on your desktops (or in your "user folder" on your school server).

a. Note: When you save it for the children to find it, it may be best to "click on the Desktop" to the left for it to show on the desktop.

b. For those familiar with the server and user folders, you may want to click and save it in your user folder.


3. The best practice is to have the students open the templates and immediately  then have them save it. Teach them to open the template and go to "save as" FIRST. This eliminates each child possibly saving over someone else's document. 

4.  Once saved with their name or initials, then teach the students to find their document on the desktop (or in the user folder) and then re-open their document. It is THEN they will type their paragraphs. If they saved their document correctly, then when they "close the MS Template" it should ask "Do you want to save this document?".  The students will learn to click "yes". 

****QUICK TIP if you are in a hurry.  You can open the document and go to "Save As" and save the document with the child's name/initials and brief extension.

Example: I saved Sam Hall's Halloween Story as sh_halloween or sam_halloween, etc. Any way is fine.  Don't close the document. Go back to "save as" and save the next child's. Sue Smith ss_halloween, or susie_halloween.  Do this for each child. Often teachers do this at home and email the 20 or so pre-made student templates to school to save time.



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