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The Louisiana Folklife Festival Festival is held in Monroe, Louisiana.  Monroe is located in Ouachita Parish in the North Louisiana Region.  The festival presents a variety of traditions from African- Americans, Native Americans, Italian - Americans, Creole, and Cajuns. Master storytellers share their stories on the Tales and Talk Stage.  The Kid's Stage serves as an area for youth to display their talents.  There are also stages where various types of musicians can perform - Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Zaydeco and more.

Activities:  traditional recipes and techniques from African-American, Native American, Italian-American, Creole and Cajun cooks, Craft tents featuring crafts from Choctaw baskets, to African-American walking sticks, from Mardi Gras masks to river fishermen's hoopnets and traps.

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North Louisiana - Sportsman Paradise By Theresa Hardy
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