Fair use, copyrights, plagiarism... What does it all mean?

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Plagiarism - Pete's PowerPoints Copyrights in the Digital Age (Pete's PowerPoints) Grade 9 Plagiarism Tutorial Grades 10-12 Plagiarism Tutorial
What is fair use PowerPoint Overview of Fair Use    
Teacher Help
K-12 COPYRIGHT LAWS: PRIMER FOR TEACHERS US Copyright Office Copyright (US gov site)  What Can I Use
Copyright in an Electronic Environment Copyright and Fair Use: Teacher's First University of Maryland Fair Use Page Free Music for classroom use
What is fair use? Citing Electronic Sources from the Library of Congress How to Cite Web Pages Plagiarism Theme Page
Creative Commons 1 Creative Commons Videos Wikipedia Creative Commons Creative Commons 2
On Plagiarism - Overview Information Literacy Exceptions for Instructors The Best Resources To Learn About Copyright Issues | Larry Ferlazzo
Copyright Spot check to see if work is copyrighted      
Kids Copyright Lesson Plan Students as Creators: Exploring Copyright Read Write Think Lesson Lesson Plan  
Student Section
What is Public Domain? Fair Use? Welcome To The FACE Kids Site Copyright Slider All Right to Copy? (Au site) 
Copyright Kids

Copyright (US gov site) 

What can happen to you if you plagiarize something and you're just a kid? Taking the Mystery Out of Copyrights
Spinner Kids Copyright Laws  CSPD Zoomed Comic
What is Plagiarism? Section 108 Spinner  

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