Vermilion Parish 8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Site

"Raising the Bar"

Louisiana Social Studies Units (PowerPoints, Links, Activities included)

Unit 1: Louisiana’s Physical and Cultural Geography (Under Construction)  & Unit 1 CC Document

Unit 2: Economics in Louisiana & Unit 2 CC Document

Unit 3: Louisiana’s Government (Under Construction)  & Unit 3 CC Document

Unit 4:  Early Peoples of Louisiana and a Meeting of Different Worlds  & Unit 4 CC Document

Unit 5 Link to the Acadian Odyssey & Unit 5 CC Document

Unit 6:  The Early American Era of Louisiana & Unit 6 CC Document

Unit 7: Civil War and Reconstruction & Unit 7 CC Document

Unit 8: Transitions to the Twentieth Century & Unit 8 CC Document

Unit 9: Eras of World War II and Civil Rights & Unit 9 CC Document

Unit 10 Louisiana Ends the Twentieth Century and Enters the Twenty-First  & Unit 10 CC Document

CC 2008, Changes & BL Masters

Additional Resources
Louisiana for Kids Site!

Louisiana Literacy Strategies Interactives: Vermilion Parish (Has Powerpoint Templates, MS Word Templates, Kidspiration 3 Templates & interactives)

18 Strategy Kidspiration Templates,NOTE: Kidspiration 3 is needed on the computer to open the documents below

LEAP Testing Links

Graphic Organizers (Vermilion)

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Vermilion Parish Curriculum Site (Correlates with 2008 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum)


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