Vermilion Parish 8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
"Raising the Bar"

Grade 8 Unit 6  Activity 1:  Timeline 

Activity 1:  Timeline (GLEs:  62, 73, 76)

Materials List: Internet access optional

Have students construct a timeline that traces major events in Louisiana’s history from 1800 to 1825 (e.g., Haitian Revolt, Louisiana Purchase, governments [territorial, Republic of West Florida], statehood, War of 1812/Battle of New Orleans). For each notation on the timeline, an annotation that provides a brief description of that event and the government in place at the time should be included, as well as an explanation of each event’s importance in Louisiana history. It is recommended that students keep this timeline and add to it for subsequent units in order to gain a more complete perspective of Louisiana history. Repeat the activity as the unit progresses to describe major events (parallel) in Louisiana history to events in the United States, encompassing the years between 1826 to 1860. Electronic references include the Louisiana State Museum (homepage).



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