Congratulations Nanette Delcambre
LACUE State Middle School (and Region IV) Teacher of the Year
Nannette Delcambre (Center) is shown with LACUE President Jude Dubois and Vermilion Parish Middle School Supervisor Jeannie Cormier.
Erath Middle School Teacher Nannette Delcambre was named the Region IV and State "Middle School Teacher of the Year" at the LACUE Conference in Baton Rouge on Thursday, December 4, 2008. Nannette Delcambre (Center) is shown with Region IV Director Lola Potier and LACUE President Jude Dubois
Receiving her award from LACUE Leaders Other State LACUE Winners

Left: Congratulations from LACUE Leader (Erath native) Inkie Landry. Above: Congrats from Erath Middle Teacher DeEtte Bigot (top) and Stacy Bodin (below)

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