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Vermilion Parish Links (Correlates with the LA Comprehensive Curriculum)
Vermilion Parish Social Studies Core Pre K-12 Social Studies Interactives Louisiana for Kids! Vermilion Parish for Kids
Louisiana Indian Links Louisiana Literacy Strategies Interactives Graphic Organizer Interactives Louisiana PowerPoints Vermilion
Kindergarten Units Kindergarten Templates
1st Grade Social Studies eHomework Social Studies: Jena Carroll 1st Grade 2nd Grade Social Studies Units 2nd Grade Social Studies eHomework
3rd Grade Social Studies LA Studies 3rd Grade Social Studies Louisiana
4th Grade Social Studies eHomework 5th Grade Social Studies Units 6th Grade Social Studies Units
6th Grade Social Studies eHomework 7th Grade Social Studies Units 7th Grade Social Studies eHomework Pad 8th Grade LA Study Units
8th Grade Social Studies  Interactives  High School Social Studies Curriculum The Acadians in Louisiana  Louisiana History Sites!
Vermilion Parish Schools Pacing Charts      
General Social Studies Links
HippoCampus - Homework and Study Primary and Secondary Documents Interactives Video Links
Mr. Berlin Presentations - (Library of Congress) National Geographic - History
U.S. History Best Websites EASE History Howstuffworks "History Videos" Best History Sites on the Web
Wars Social Studies Civil Rights Movement Louisiana Purchase
Historyteacher.net Mrdonn.org (Everything) Constitution Day Site
Mayflower Compact Immigration: Ellis Island  eMINTS
American Memory 1927 Flood Librarians' Internet Index History Economics (General Interactives)
Gilder Lehrman Institute American History Active History - Games, quizzes World History : HyperHistory
Kathy Schrock's- American History eThemes Resources (Search) SMART Board Website Resources
Digital History American Exploration and Settlement PBS Teachers . Social Studies America's Story
Colonial History: Life in the colonies Lesson Plans  American Government Welcome to the Ancestors Web Site Holidays in the Classroom
Best of History Web Sites Testing  Links (Scroll down for grade) Smithsonian Source USA.gov: The U.S. Government
National Geographic for Kids Annenberg Media Bill Chapman's Classroomtools Presidents
High School Social Studies History Tech Blog Site map | Social Studies Central Cybraryman Internet Catalogue
World History Social Studies PowerPoint Montgomery Schools Social Studies
Clarksons Box Creator Museum Box Anne Frank and the Holocaust Geography Curriculum Games
Inauguration Day New Geography Link Around the World in the 1890s:
PowerPoints Sites
Pete's PowerPoint Station Jefferson County Schools, TN (Science) High School PowerPoints (Kentucky) NEBO PowerPoint Archive
Gaston County Schools (K-12) SS Mr. Neal's Virtual Classroom


Vermilion Parish Curriculum Site (Correlates with 2008 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum)


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