"Raising the Bar"

Vermilion Parish Schools

Vermilion Parish Video/Tutorial Resources

"Raising the Bar"

Vermilion Parish Schools

General Children's Sites
Vermilion Parish School House Rock Kideos SqoolTube: K-12 Educational Videos
PBS Sprout site! FEMA For Kids: Video Library Totlot (Registration Needed)
Kids Safe Videos Kids Tube Knowledge Box (ELA, Math, SS, Science)
General Video Sites
Cyber channel (You will need to sign in) TeacherTube.com Edublogs.tv 
How Stuff Works Videos Video & Multimedia Davis Unified District Audio & Videos
SchoolWAX TV - Don't Get Stuck! | Edutopia Videos School Tube
Internet Safety (Has Videos) Intelligent YouTube Video Collections The Library of Congress - Webcasts
PBS Nova
ELA Videos
Discovery ELA Videos 4th & 8th Grade Tutorials  for LEAP AP-ELA, Math, Biology, Social Studies
Short Anne Frank Clip Story Cove Online Stories (Has short clips too)
Math Videos
Khan Academy Educational Videos Discovery Math Videos ELA, Math, Biology, Social Studies
Discovery Social Studies Videos 4th & 8th Grade Tutorials  for LEAP


Math Videoes (HS) Math Help and Algebra Help : math videos

Math Expression


Free Math Videos Online

MidnightTutor.com  Calculus
Just Math Tutoring Math Spy Videos (6th Grade) Math - Brightstorm
Free Math Videos Real World Math
Science Videos
Discovery Science Videos Cassiopeia Project (Videos) Science MidnightTutor.com  Chemistry
NASA eClips HippoCampus Science Bob
Washing Hands (BrainPop) BrainPop Swine Flu Nasa on Google Video
ELA, Math, Biology, Social Studies Hurricane Clips PBS The Greens (Has Videos for Kids)
Social Studies Videos
History Video Guide Geography At The Movies HippoCampus (Government)
Best Sites For News & History Videos US History Video Clips Freedom: A History of US. Webisodes PBS
Louisiana  Videos
Louisiana Coastline Videos Louisiana wetlands loss video NOLA.com Terry Bradshaw on LA (CULTURE)
Hurricane Clips The Acadians in Louisiana Videos Streaming Audio & Video Louisiana Culture
LPB Presents Washing Away: Losing Louisiana Rise and Disappearance of LA Coastline LPB presents Louisiana: A History
NEW ORLEANS ABOVE GROUND CEMETERY HowStuffWorks: The Louisiana Purchase"  
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