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Welcome to 5th Grade 2009-2010!!!!


This website is intended to help students and parents gain access to things that are happening in my classroom.

There are also helpful links to help students with skills that they may need assistance in. 

Digital Wish List

Dozier Elementary is currently looking to build our technology resources. Due to Hurricane Rita's flood waters, we lost cameras, software, etc. in 2005. 

Now that we have relocated back to our home facility, we are working to gain resources, software, digital storytelling tools and possibly computers (CPU's) through the help our parents, grandparents, area businesses, etc.

Listed below is a general list I compiled. You can donate money or purchase resources online.  If you go to our school website, you will see more information about our quest.  We would appreciate any help we could get.  The URL for our school site is  

Each of our teachers have also created class wish lists too if you prefer to donate to a single classroom. More information can be found @

Yesterday, one parent purchased 5 reading software licenses and 6 math licenses for two teachers to have additional intervention help.   We also have had a few cash donations (done online).

Your consideration in this project would be deeply appreciated.  Go to the Dozier Elementary Website @  for details. You can see the links under the “Digital Wish List” heading.

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