Spelling Activities


Reading Story Spelling Pattern Spelling List Spell City Fun  Vocabulary
The Gardener long and short a Week 1 Quiz
Donovan's Word Jar long and short e Week 2 Quiz
My Name is
Maria Isabel
long and short i Week 3 Quiz
Lou Gehrig:
The Luckiest Man   
long and short o and u Week 4 Quiz
Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride   Words with /oo/ Week 5 Quiz
The Baker's Neighbor Words with /r/ Week 6 Quiz
The Emperor
and the Kite 
Words with the /r/ Week 7 Quiz
Nights of the Pufflings Words with the /r/ Week 8 Quiz
The Garden of Happiness Words with the /r/ Week 9 Quiz
How to Babysit
an Orangutan
Words with /ou/ Week 10 Quiz
Sarah, Plain and Tall Words with /oi/ Week 11 Quiz
Stealing Home Plurals Week 12 Quiz
The Cricket in
Times Square
Possessive Nouns Week 13 Quiz
Two Lands, One Heart Abbreviations Week 14 Quiz
Look to the North:
A Wolf Puppy Diary
Words with ei, ie,
and eigh
Week 15 Quiz
The Kids'
Invention Book
Words that end with
-y or -ey
Week 16 Quiz
The Case of
Pablo's Nose
Prefixes un- and dis- Week 17 Quiz
In the Days of
King Adobe
Prefixes non-, in-,
and re-
Week 18 Quiz
Red Writing Hood Changing y  to i Week 19 Quiz
One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale Suffixes -ion, -ness, -able, -less, and -ful Week 20 Quiz
Fire! Week 21 Quiz
A Very Important Day Week 22 Quiz
Saguaro Cactus Week 23 Quiz
Blue Willow Adding -ed and -ing Week 24 Quiz
In My Family Words with "silent" letters Week 25 In Quiz
The Gold Rush Contractions Week 26 Quiz
I Have Heard of a Land Homophones Week 27 Quiz
Paul Bunyan and
Babe the Blue Ox
VCCV words
Week 28 Quiz
 Fly Traps! Plants
That Bite Back
VCV words
Week 29 Quiz
The Down and Up Fall Words with three syllables Week 30 Quiz

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