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Vowel Phonemes

CVC words

Long Vowel Sounds
Long Vowels  a, i, o
More Long Vowel Sounds

Short Vowels
Long & Short Vowel Practice
Long & Short Vowels
Short or Long Vowels
Same Vowel Sound 1
Same Vowel Sound 2

r-controlled Vowels 1
r-controlled Vowels 2

Diphthongs ou, ow
Diphthongs oi, oy, ew

Word Study

Contraction Worksheets
Type the Contraction

Compound Words
Compound Words - Match 1
Compound Words - Match 2
Compound Word Worksheets
Crickweb: Compound Word
Quia: Compound Word

High Frequency Words

Antonym Match
Antonym Game
Synonym Match 1
Synonym Match 2
Synonym Game
Antonym, Homophone, Synonym Worksheets

ABC Order - worksheets
ABC Order
ABC Order - more worksheets
Abbreviation - worksheets
Guide Words Info
Guide Words
Syllables Factory

Punctuation Practice
Proofreading Punctuation
Punctuation Worksheets

Make a Sentence
Build a Sentence
Naming or Telling Part
Complete the Sentence

Friendly Letter Writing

Story Sequence
Picture Sequence

Parts of Speech

Noun - Worksheets

Verb - Worksheets

Pronoun - Worksheets

Adjective - Worksheets


Correct Verb


color,size, shape


Action Verbs - Worksheet


taste, sound, smell, touch




more adjectives

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