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Harcourt Science Glossary

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Unit 1Matter

Matter (powerpoint)

Exploring Matter (powerpoint)

Matter (Stacy's powerpoint)

Solids, Liquids, Gases (Hazelwood powerpoint)

What are the Three States of Matter? (online movie)
Interactive: States of Matter (Harcourt)
Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Movie: Solids, Liquids, Gases
BBC: Characteristics of Materials
BBC: Sorting and Using Materials
BBC: Grouping and Changing Materials
Activity: Solids and Liquids

BBC: Changing State
Sort: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Primary Resources Sort: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Crickweb Interactive:
Changing State
BBC Activity: Reversible and Irreversible Changes
Measurement and Tools (Matter)
 States of Matter

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

Investigate: Matter Takes Up Space.doc
Matter: Study Guide.doc

Matter: cards.doc
Matter: Practice Quiz.doc

Pete's PPT Station: Matter

LPB United Streaming Videos
Science Facts and Fun: Everything is Something (15:00 minutes)
Solids, Liquids, and Gases: A First Look (17:08 minutes)
Properties of Matter, Part 1 (20:00 minutes)
Properties of Matter, Part 2: Liquids, Solids and Gases (17:00 minutes)


Unit 2ASound
(Unit F, Chapter 2)

Hearing Sound (Powerpoint)

1. Lesson: Sources of Sound
Lesson Questons
2. Lesson: Loudness
Lesson Questions
Lesson Pitch
Lesson Questions

BBC Activity: Sound and Hearing
BBC Activity: Changing Sounds
Crickweb: Identifying Sounds
Crickweb: Sorting Instrument Sounds
Kids Health: Your Ears
Hearing: Getting the Message
Pitch Me a Curve
Getting the Message: What did you say? (shows vibrations entering the ear)
Pitch Me a Curve

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

Pete's PPT Station: Sound

LPB United Streaming Videos
Sound: A First Look (16:27 minutes)
Stage One Science: Sound (15:00 minutes)
Wonder of Sound (13:00 minutes)

Just for Fun: Interactive Online Guitar

Play a Piano
Game: Magic School Bus Gets an Earful

Unit 2ALight
(Not in our textbook)

Light (Powerpoint)

1. Lesson: Light Sources and Light Rays
Lesson Questions
2. Lesson: Reflection - Seeing Objects
Lesson Questions
3. Lesson: Shadows
Lesson Questions
4. Lesson: Reflections - Mirrors
Lesson Questions

Interactive: Light Sources
BBC Activity: Light and Shadows
BBC Activity: Light and Dark
Sunshine and Shadow
Catch the Wave

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

Pete's PPT Station: Light

LPB United Streaming Videos
Stage One Science: Light and Color
(15:00 minutes)
What's in a Shadow (15:00 minutes)

What's in a Rainbow (15:00 minutes)



Unit 3Electricity
(Not in our textbook)

Electricity (Powerpoint) 
 1. Lesson: Electricity in Our Lives
Lesson Questions 
2. Simple Circuits
Lesson Questions
Building Circuits
 Lesson Questions
Circuit Experiments
Lesson Questions

BBC Activity - Using Electricity
BBC Activity - Circuits and Conductors
BBC Activity: Changing Circuits
Interactive: What Needs Electricity?
Interactive: Energy Home
Interactive: Find the Hidden Dangers
Interactive: Innovations Learning (Conductors)
Ben Franklin for Kids
Ben's Guide: Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
: view static, kite, rod
Ben Franklin: slideshow
Thomas Edison
Electrical Safety

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

Pete's PPT Station: Electricity

LPB United Streaming Videos
Electricity: A First Look (20:00 minutes)
Junior Electrician: Current Electricity
(15:00 minutes)
Junior Electrician: Our Electric World
(15:00 minutes)
Junior Electrician: Static Electricity (15:00 minutes)
Shasta Dam (1:00 minute)
Benjamin Franklin: Scientist & Inventor (25:24)


Fire Safety in Your Home

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
Build Your Own Circuit
Circuits Gizmo
Power Discovery Zone
GAME: Engineering Interact: Silicon Spies

Unit 4APlants Grow and Change
(Unit A, Chapter 1)

Parts of a Plant (Powerpoint)

Interactive: Parts of a Plant
Living Things and Their Needs

Science Online
Science Online Plants
Magic School Bus: Photosynthesis
BBC - Living and Nonliving Activity

BBC Activity: Helping Plants Grow Well & Quiz
Parts of a Seed and Parts of a Plant (diagram)
Match the Parts of a Plant
*Crickweb Interactive: Parts of a Plant
*Soft School
Activity: Identifying Plant Parts
BBC Activity:
Growing Plants
Plant Life
How Seeds Move
Seed Dispersal

The Potato Story

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Matching

Pete's PPT Station: Plants

Pete's PPT Station: Parts of a Plant

LPB United Streaming Videos
Living and Nonliving Things (12:00 minutes)
 Plants: A First Look (17:00 minutes)
Plant Life Cycles (20:00 minutes)
Plant Parts and Their Uses (12:00 minutes)
Stage One Science: Growing (15:00 minutes)
Debbie Greenthumb: How Plants Grow
(12:59 minutes)

Funschool: Fun in the Garden

Unit 4BAnimals Grow and Change
(Unit A, Chapter 2)


Animals Grow and Change (Powerpoint)
Frog Life Cycle (Powerpoint)

Activity - Cycles of Life
Activity - Life Cycles: What's the Order?
Interactive Life Cycle: Frog and Human
Butterfly Life Cyle
SoftSchools: Frog Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle
Animal Life Cycles (printouts)
Meet a Frog - Worksheet (pdf)
Activity - Animals: What's My Class?

Animal Groups
SoftSchools Activity - Classify Animals

BBC Activity: Living Things
The Web of Life
BBC Activity: Food Chains
Create a Food Web
Crickweb: Animal and Their Young
Crickweb: Match Adult with Their Young
Crickweb: Baby Animal Challenge
Crickweb: Grouping Animals and Plants
Crickweb: Young Animals Crossword

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Animal Life Cycles (14:00 minutes)
Amphibians, Fish, and Reptiles (26:00 minutes)
Junior Zoologist: Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles (16:06 minutes))
Insect Life Cycles: Metamorphosis (15:00 minutes)
Animal Faces, Animal Places (18:00 minutes)

Funschool: What's My Class
Yahoo Kids: Animals - Learn more about animals

Unit 4C:  People Grow and Change
(Unit A, Chapter 3)

People Grow and Change (Powerpoint)
Kids Health - How the Body Works: Choose a movie - Stomach, Heart, Bones, or Muscles
Magic School Bus: Human Body Tour
Activity - Bones of the Human Body
Movie: Dry Bones Connected
Main Food Groups
Healthy Eating 1
Healthy Eating 2
Healthy or Not Healthy
Activity: Food Groups
BBC Activity: Health and Growth
BBC Activity: Keeping Healthy
Digestive System (picture)
Heart (picture)
Skeleton (picture)
Muscles (picture)
Food Pyramid (Powerpoint)

Kids Know It: Muscles

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
 Play and Discover with Digger and Splat:
What We Eat
(16:28 minutes)

Pete's PPT Station:
Human Body
The Food Chain
Animal Adaptations
Endangered Animals

Games: Dole Superkids
Assessing Your Weight:
BMI Calculator for Children
BMI Calculator for Adults

Unit 5AEnvironment
(Unit B, Chapter 1)

Habitats for Plants and Animals (Powerpoint)
Changes in Habitats (Powerpoint)

Animal Habitats (Powerpoint)

Habitats, Adaptations, Camouflage (Powerpoint)

Animal Tour by "The Magic School Bus"
Activity: Habitats
BBC Activity: Where Do I Live?
BBC: Interdependence and Adaptation
Activity: Animal Habitats
Magic School Bus: Habitat Match-Up
Video: Rainforest Heroes
Habitats: Pictures
Habitats: Pictures
Science Online
Animal Homes
Video: About Rainforests
Different Land Habitats
Build an Online Habitat
All About Animals and Their Habitats
Virtual Zoo (more on habitats)
Desert animals and wildlife
Interactive: Animal Homes
Interactive: Animals in Their Habitats
Innovations Learning: Animal Habitats
Interactive: Habitats
Habitat Game: Drag and Drop
Who Eats What?
Activity: Fun with Food Webs
Simple Food Chain
Build a Food Chain
Food Chains

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Habitats: Homes for Living Things (15:00 minutes)
Animal Adaptations (24:00 minutes)
Animal Features and Their Functions
(13:00 minutes)
Dr. Dad's PH3: Episode Ten: Animal
(14:45 minutes)
Animals in Action (20:00 minutes)
Where Animals Live (14:19 minutes)
Forest Habitats (15:00 minutes)
Desert Habitats (21:00 minutes)
Ocean Habitats: Shoreline and Reef (16:00 minutes)
  You in the Food Web (18:48 minutes)
Food Chain Mystery (15:00 minutes)

Pete's PPT Station: Habitats
Endangered Animals

Animal Adaptations

Rain Forests


Unit 5B:  Environment continued
(Unit B, Chapter 2)

Interactive: Environment Challenge
Sharon Finds the Environment
Kids Can Help
Recycling and Beyond Story
EPA - Story "When Greenville Turned Brown"
Prevent Water Pollution - What you can do!
Recycling - It's Your Responsibility
PlanetPals Recycling Center
Activity: Clean Up Your World
Activity: Clean Up the Beach
Activity/Song: Show You Care!
Endangered Species Map
List of Endangered Animals in Louisiana
Animals Need a Healthy Home

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (pdf)
Mission H20 - Game: Saving Water

Kids Saving Energy

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Matching
It's Not All Garbage Quiz
Earth Day - Comprehension
Earth Day, Every Day - Comprehension

LPB United Streaming Videos
Taking Care of Our Earth (17:00minutes)
Air: Pollution and Solutions (13:04 minutes)
Land: Pollution and Solutions (15:44 minutes)
Water: Pollution and Solutions (12:17 minutes)

Environment - Word Search
Recycling - Word Search
Earth Day Maze (easy)
Earth Day Maze (hard)

Game: Recycle It!
Natural Resources Kids Page



Unit 6AEarth and Beyond
(Unit C, Chapter 1)

Earth's Resources (Powerpoint)
Activity: Trees and Soil
Science Online
Where Do Rocks Come From?
Closer Look at Rocks
Properties of Rocks
Rocks Slideshow
BBC - Schools Science Clips - Rocks and soils
If Rocks Could Talk
About Rocks and Fossils

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Uses of Rocks and Minerals (18:00 minutes)
  Rocks: The Solid Earth Materials #1
(20:00 minutes)
Learning About Natural Resources
(22:00 minutes)

Pete's PPT Station: Rocks and Fossils

Unit 6BEarth and Beyond
(Unit C, Chapter 2)

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

Pete's PPT Station: Rocks and Fossils

LPB United Streaming Videos
Exploring Dinosaurs (14:42 minutes)


Unit 6C Earth and Beyond continued
(Unit D, Chapter 1)

Earth and Beyond (Powerpoint)
1. Lesson: The Solar System
Lesson Questions
2. Lesson: The Earth
Lesson Questions
3. Lesson: The Sun
Lesson Questions
4. Lesson: The Moon
Lesson Questions

Our Solar System
View Planets in Orbit
Planet Facts
Planet Facts
Science Online
Kids Astronomy: Solar System in Orbit
Science Year: Planet 10
Activity: Where, Oh Where Does That Little Planet Go?
What Causes Day and Night? (click video)
BBC Activity: Earth, Sun, and Moon
Windows to the Universe
Planetary Mysteries
The Exploratorium: Third from the Sun
Earth's Revolution Around the Sun
Phases of the Moon

NASA: The Space Place

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Matching
Stacy's Planet Quiz: Put the Planets in Order

LPB United Streaming Videos
 The Sky Above: A First Look (17:00 minutes)
Junior Space Scientist: Voyage to the Moon
(10:02 minutes)
Our Home in Space (15:00 minutes)

Pete's PPT Station: Space
Solar System/Planets

The Moon


Unit 7Weather
(Unit D, Chapter 2)

Earth's Weather (Powerpoint)
Clouds (pictures)
Clouds (Powerpoint)

 Types of Clouds
Cloud Clues

Weather Tools

FEMA - Disasters
Storms and Safety
Let's Talk About Water
Science Online
Animated Water Cycle
Web Weather for Kids
Crickweb Interactive: Water Cycle
Water Cycle Quiz
Kidzone: Water Cycle (printouts)
SoftSchools: Temperature
Kids Know It Movie: Lightning
Kids Know It Movie: Hurricanes
Kids Know It Movie: Tornadoes
Pictures of Tornadoes
Water, the Never Ending Story

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Weather: A First Look (16:00 minutes)
 Clouds, Weather, and Life (12:05 minutes)
Pete's PPT Station:
Water Cycle

Weather Games
Edheads Weather - Game
The Weather Game

Droplet and the Water Cycle
Web Weather for Kids
Dress the Bear

Vermilion Parish Schools: Weather Links!
(Many Links and PowerPoints)
Weather Jeopardy

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CSI: Childrenís Science Investigative Interactive MS Word Template Report
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