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Social Studies: Unit 1

Citizenship: (Powerpoint)
A School Map
A Neighborhood Map

Activity: Where do you live?

Ben's Guide: Your Neighborhood
Scholastic: Community Workers
City Workers

Interactive: Community Helpers
Ben's Guide: Citizenship
Ben's Guide: Responsibilities of Citizens
Ben's Guide: Becoming a US Citizen
Good Character: Character Critters

GAME: National Geographic: Adventure Island (Using a map key and symbols)
Interactive: Around Town
Interactive: Map Key - Washington, D.C.
Good Citizen
Pete's PPST School Bus Safety
Pete's PPST Back to School Safety

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Understanding Good Citizenship (24:15 minutes)
The Difference Between Need and Wants
(16:00 minutes)
Understanding Maps: Key to Everywhere
(15:00 minutes)
City, Suburb, and Rural Communities (16:00 Minutes)

Just for Fun: Build a Neighborhood
My Town Map Maker

Constitution Day
September 17th

America "Land of the Free" (Powerpoint)
Timeline (Powerpoint)
Preamble (Powerpoint) & Preamble (Audio)

See Our Constitution
Constitution Day Coloring Sheet
Word Search
Word Scramble
Vermilion Parish: Constitution Day
Vicki Blackwell's Homepage
Create a Vertical Timeline of Events

Just for Fun: Jigsaw Puzzle




Social Studies: Unit 5

Ancient or Modern (Powerpoint)

Activity: Then and Now
Timeline Generator
Family Tree
Interactive Map: The Pilgrims Journey to America
Map Grids
BBC - Using a Map Grid

Interactive: Using a Map Grid
Activity: Celebrate Holidays 1
Activity: Celebrate Holidays 2
Louisiana National Historical Landmarks
Activity: National Landmarks

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocaulary Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Moving to America: Then and Now (19:00 minutes)
Long Ago - Yesterday and Today (15:00 minutes
U.S. Celebrations (13:00 minutes)
This is Our Country (24:00 minutes)

This is Our World (15:00 Minutes)
Harcourt Video: Construction of Mount Rushmore


Social Studies: Unit 3

Lesson: What is a Map? 1     
What is a Map? 2
Practice Reading a Map
Reading Maps
Activity: My World - Locate Continents and Oceans
Interactive: Types of Communities
Interactive: Compass Rose
Math Monsters: Mapping
Activity: Cardinal Directions

Harcourt: Types of Land
Activity: Landforms
Enchanted Learning: Landforms and Bodies of Water
Interactive: Continents and Oceans
Game: Name the Continents

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching

Landforms: Quiz
Landforms: Matching

LPB United Streaming Videos
Landforms: Number One (16:00 minutes)

Just for Fun: Make a Town Map
Puzzle: Place the State

Social Studies: Unit 2

Branches of Government (Powerpoint)
Our Government

Vermilion Parish: Government Links for Kids
PBS - How Does Government Affect Me?
Ben's Guide to US Government
Ben's Guide: Our Government
Activity: Our Country's Government
Kids in the House: The Capitol Complex
Electing a President
White House Kids: Meet the Presidents
American Symbols (Jena's PowerPoint)
American Icons
Ben's Guide: Symbols of the U.S. Government
Our Government Web Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Matching


Louisiana Facts and Symbols


Social Studies: Unit 6

Vermilion Parish: Economic Links
The ABC's of Saving - Slideshow
Piggy Banking
Where to Keep Your Money
Kids Bank: Adventures of Penny and Quiz
Kids Bank: Adventures of Dollar Bill and Quiz
Kids Bank: Adventures of Interest Ray and Quiz
Interactive: A Trip to the Bank
Savings Calculator
Interactive: Health Wants or Fun Wants

Virtual Tour: The Story of Milk
Virtual Tour: Wheat From the Farm to You

PBS How Things are Produced (videos)- Picture Factory Tours
How Crayons are Made: Crayola Factory

Producers Slideshow & Activity
Consumers Slideshow & Activity
Interactive: Consumer or Producer
Producer vs. Consumer

Map: Trading Bananas and Wheat
Interactive: Product Map

Activity - Delivering the Goods
Activity - Goods and Services
Interactive: Providing Goods or Services
Interactive - Drag the Good to the Service #1 Interactive - Drag the Good to the Service #2
Occupation & Service
Interactive: Mystery Workers
More Mystery Workers
Interactive: Mystery Workers Provide Services
Goods and Services Farm
Interactive Survey: People Provide Services - Make a Bar Graph

Goods or Services Quiz
Quiz: Providing Goods or Services

Vocabulary Quiz
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LPB United Streaming Videos
Going to School is Your Job (1304 minutes)

Social Studies: Unit 4
Culture and Customs

Harcourt: Celebrations in different cities

LPB United Streaming Videos
U.S. Celebrations (13:00 minutes)

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                            Social Studies Interactives

Old Social Studies Information:

Vocabulary Words - Definitions

 Community/ History (Unit 4) Test
 Community/Geography (Unit 2)

                 Test                    Test-Landforms

 Community/Government (Unit 5) Test
 Community/Citizens (Unit 1) Test
Vocabulary Quiz or Vocabulary Matching
 Community/Economics (Unit 3) Test
 Cultures and Customs (Unit 6) Test


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