An effective method to guide students through the writing process.


Forms of Composition

n     Expository

n     Narrative

n     Descriptive

n     Persuasive





From the graphic organizer to the lined paper………..



Again from the graphic organizer to the lined paper………..



4 Square + 3 +T = 5 Paragraphs

Improving the first paragraph (introductory).

First Paragraph (Introduction)

n     Topic Sentence 

v     Center of 4 Square

n     Wrap-Up Sentence

v     Without Transition Word

n     Personal /Feeling Sentence



Improving the Final Paragraph (summary)

n     Wrap-up Sentence with a Transition

n     Personal/Feeling Sentence, Question or Exclamation(closing with a punch!)


I will never forget my sixth birthday. The attention that I received from friends and family made me feel warm inside.  It was a very special day for me.

       Early in the day my grandmother threw me a surprise party.  She baked my favorite chocolate fudge cake.  I got tons of presents.  We had such fun playing exciting games.

       After lunch my parents gave me a wonderful gift.  They surprised me with a golden retriever puppy.  I named her Goldie.  She is my best friend today.

       Later my friends and I went to the zoo.  We rode the elephants. The zoo was so large we walked for miles.  Finally we gave up and rode the train.

       Of all my birthdays, I’ll always cherish my sixth one.  The wonderful surprises from my family and friends will stay with me forever. 


From this basic format to…...


n    Personal Narrative

q    Has one topic

q    Tells about the writer

q    Has beginning, middle, end

q    Uses words like I, me, my



n      Story

q     Title

q     Character

q     Setting

q     Problem

q     Solution

q     Beginning

q     Middle

q     End



n     Tells writer’s feelings

n     Lists reasons

n     Asks readers to agree with the writer



n    Tells what someone or something is like

n    Paints a clear, vivid word picture

n    Uses sensory words

n    Uses powerful verbs

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