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Dozier Elementary is on a continuous quest to gain new technology resources. Interested in helping us? Click here!  Dozier has been fortunate in receiving 60+ ipads and more in the last two years. At this time, we are looking to purchase much needed new computers. If you want to help click here! You can also see our  DonorsChoose projects for new technology here!




Dozier's Donorschoose Page! Click  if you would like to help a teacher! Need help with directions to donate? Click here!


Claire Watson
 Dozier Student of the Year!

 Region IV LACUE Winner

Melissa Romero

Teacher of the Year!



36 ipads and tablets,
8 computers, 4 ActivSlates 1 video camera,  green screen & Counseling Materials.

Informational Links!


Sea of iPad Resources

February Newsletter, February Dates and March Dates



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In loving memory of former Principal Johnnie Suire

In Loving Memory of Dozier Elementary's Cecile Dubois

In loving memory of our Music Teacher Mrs. April Winner - Obituary

In Loving Memory of our Counselor Glenn Roy LeBlanc

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