Dozier Elementary School Structures

Dozier Elementary began with Vermilion Parish Schools in 1941. A wooden school house was built. In 1954, a brick structure was built to accommodate a growing student body. There are no known photos of Dozier Elementary's African American schools. (Neither the wooden structure, nor the brick one.) However, in these two photos donated by Sister Mary John Seyler who was a nun at our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church in 1960's. She taught religion classes on the Dozier campus at this time. If you look behind the students in the corner, you can see part of the original brick structure/school at that time.

Following integration in 1968, Dozier Elementary was closed. Due to lack of space at Erath High, the school was remodeled and renovated and reopened in 1972 for all Erath, students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.

The Kindergarten section (or hall) was added and opened in 1974.

Dozier Elementary Campus in 1978 (Housing Kindergarten through 3rd grade students) In 4th grade, the students then went to Erath Middle.

Dozier Elementary in 1999 (Centennial Year)

In 1999, Erath Middle burnt and 4th Grade was transferred to Dozier in the CCD buildings. 4th Grade remained with Dozier until 2005 when Hurricane Rita displaced the Erath students.

Dozier Elementary Campus in 2003

Dozier Elementary Campus (Water from Hurricane Rita) The school plant was closed from September 24, 2005 until August 2009.

FEMA Buildings were used from 2006-2009 until Dozier Elementary was remodeled and renovated.

Dozier Elementary 2009 (Returned to the Campus after Hurricane Rita)

Dozier Elementary in 2013

Dozier Elementary
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