2016-17 Dozier Elementary AR Party Information

Party 1 for 2016-17 Information


Dozier Elementary AR Information
2nd Grade: 10 pts 85% correct on AR quizzes!
3rd Grade: 15 pts. 85% correct on AR quizzes!
4th Grade: 20 pts. 85% correct on AR quizzes!
5th Grade: 25 pts. 85% correct on AR quizzes!

AR Update for 1st Party!

Grades 2-5
Points will remain the same. Changes in the dates will occur.
AR Deadline changed to November 11th
Party will now be November 17th instead of November 11th.

1st Grade Dozier Elementary AR Update
AR Deadline December 6, 2016
5 points with 80% accuracy
1st grade Party is December 9th.

Party 2 for 2016-17 Information

  • Coming


Party 3 for 2016-17 Information


  • Watermania Points:

              1st Grade:  16 pts    80% accuracy

              2nd Grade:  25pts    85% accuracy

              3rd Grade:  35 pts.   85% accuracy

              4th Grade   40 pts.   85% accuracy

              5th Grade:  45 pts.   85% accuracy

    Deadline May 9th
    Party May 17th



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