2015-16 Dozier Elementary AR Party Information

Party 1 for 2015-16 Information


Points Required:  Information Coming

  • Dozier Elementary AR Points: November Party

    Requirement: 85% correct on test.
    2nd Grade: 6 points
    3rd Grade: 9 points
    4th Grade: 12 points
    5th Grade: 15 points

    Last Day to Test: Nov. 10th

    Party Date: Nov. 13th

Party 2
Last day to AR is March 14th

Party Date March 23rd



1st Grade 12 pts (80% accuracy)

2nd Grade 18 pts. (85% accuracy)

3rd Grade 22 pts.  (85% accuracy)

4th Grade 28 pts.  (85% accuracy)

5th Grade 35 pts.  (85% accuracy)




1st- 15 pts. (80% accuracy)

2nd-23pts (85% accuracy)

3rd-32 pts (85% accuracy)

4th-38 pts (85% accuracy)

5th-45 pts (85% accuracy)


80 percent correct for first graders

85 percent correct for grades 2nd-5th

Last day to test: May 6

Party. May 12




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