Dozier Elementary Clover Bud Meeting (11-1-10)

Dozier Elementary Clover Bud  News!  The Dozier Elementary Clover Bud Club  held a meeting Monday, November 1, 2010 with Hilton Waits. Waits presented a lesson on leaf rubbings and spoke about leaf types with the students. Also doing a short presentation was Dozier Elementary 5th grader and  4-H member Caroline Poche who spoke to the group about  Personal Development Day. The sponsor for the Clover Bud group at Dozier Elementary is Stacy Broussard. The club meets monthly. The Clover Bud group has students in 3rd grade. Dozier students in 4th and 5th grade are part of the 4H club.

Pictured is guest speaker Hilton Waits during presentation on leaf types and leave rubbings with Dozier Elementary 4-H and Clover Bud groups.

4-H member Caroline Poche spoke to the Dozier Elementary group about Personal Development Day at the meeting. Poche is a 5th grade student at Dozier.

 Isabel is shown working on a leaf activity during Hilton Waits presentation on leaf types for the Dozier Elementary 4-H and Clover Bud meeting.

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