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"The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”   Albert Einstein

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Dozier Elementary launched a successful Digital Wish-Technology Campaign last year. With the help of generous donors, we have received 7 digital cameras and 7 flip cameras and more for digital storytelling.  We are now very interested in acquiring more software. Our teachers could use reading and math software to assist our teachers in reading/math technology centers.

The tech committee has set up a "Digital Wish-Technology" Campaign to help out the school.  What is Digital Wish? See Video here! (See my letter here!) "Digital Wish" is a reputable foundation which helps connect donors and schools online. You can read  the Digital Wish Blog about Dozier's "Digital Wish List-Technology" Campaign and the journey the school has endured.

You can donate three ways. Option 1 is donating school wide. You can read more about our quest in my letter here. Option 2  involves donating to certain teachers. You can see their wish lists here or read the faculty letter here. Option 3 would involve cash donations made through the office and earmarked for technology tools, computers, laptops, etc. If you or your company would be interested in helping us gain computers and/or laptops (Operating System XP Pro or higher), please email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915.

Karla Toups, Dozier Elementary Principal


Why do we need help? Click here! How can I help? Click links below.

If you (or your company) would be interested in helping us gain computers and/or laptops (Operating System XP Pro or higher),
email us! or call the office @ 337-937-6915.

Want to donate by mailing your donation in? Click here  Print a certificate if donation is made to a teacher or the school

Why do we need help? Click here!

Print Karla Toup' Letter with directions to submit entry online (MS Word Document)

See our individual class wish lists here! See the school wide list created by the Principal, click here!

If you are interested in knowing more about those,
email our
Tech Specialist Stacy Bodin  for names and organization links or click here to
donate money or items online to help with
classroom tech needs.

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