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Message from the Principal

After a successful run at our 1st year of our Digital Wish-Technology campaign, I am pleased to announce that Dozier was able to receive 7 grade level student digital cameras and 7 flip cameras too.  Generous donors also helped purchase software for some classroom teachers as well. Our teachers entered lesson plans in the Digital Wish Library and several won software licenses as well. We are very pleased with the progress we made with the "Digital Wish" foundation this past school year. Digital Wish is a reputable company helps connect donors and schools online.

Our school is ready to take the next step forward during the 2010-2011 by working to acquire meaningful and productive reading and math center and intervention software for all of our teachers, as well as hopefully upgrading older computers.

 Note: If you or your company would be interested in helping us gain computers and/or laptops (Operating System XP Pro or higher), please email us for more information about that! Donations for software or computers can be made to the school. Call me for more information @ 337-937-6915 or email me @

Karla Toups

Dozier Elementary Principal

What is Digital Wish? See Video here!  I have created a school wide wish list for the school. You can donate money or you can purchase items for the school ONLY THROUGH the online Digital Wish site (or by mailing this form directly to Digital Wish.  PLEASE NOTE: No money should be sent to school with your child.  All donations have to be done ONLINE THROUGH the DIGITAL WISH site or by mail. The items I listed in my site could enhance our daily reading and math centers and technology lessons.

You may opt to help your child (or grandchild's) teacher instead. More information is listed here about classroom donations!

If you wish to help, you can create a donor's account through Digital Wish and donate money to help us with our quest to replace lost items and attain software.  If you know of parents, grandparents, community members or even corporations that would be interested in donating online, feel free to email them. Click here and add your own email addresses and add this URL in the text box. Any help would be appreciated.

To donate money or items online through the digital wish foundation, here is what you do: PLEASE NOTE: No money should be sent to the school.  All donations have to be done ONLY THROUGH the DIGITAL WISH online site @ or by mailing your donation and this form to Digital Wish.   Donations can be made through my office as well. Please contact me directly for donation instructions.

1. Go to the Digital Wish Page and look at the information for  Donors (right side)

2. To
register as a donor go to the top of the page and create an account. You should get a verification email.

3. Once you have registered as a donor, you can look click on  "browse teachers" and type in Toups and click go. My page will pop up. You can donate money toward our project or you can see the "
school wish list" and purchase items for us from our wish list.

Our goal is to acquire meaningful software and updated computers if possible.  If you have questions, feel free to email our Tech Specialist Stacy Bodin @ or

Your help would be deeply appreciated with this project!

Karla Toups

Dozier Elementary Principal

If you (or your company) would be interested in helping us gain computers and/or laptops (Operating System XP Pro or higher),
please email us! or call the office @ 337-937-6915.

Want to donate by mailing your donation in? Click here   Print a certificate if donation is made to a teacher or the school

Why do we need help? Click here!

Print Karla Toup' Letter with directions to submit entry online (MS Word Document)

See our individual class wish lists here! You can see Digital Wish lists here too.  See the school wide list created by the Principal, click here!

If you are interested in knowing more about those,
email our
Tech Specialist Stacy Bodin  for names and organization links or click here to
donate money or items online to help with
classroom tech needs.

Dozier Elementary

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