Time Capsule 2010 Letters

What does the future hold?

Cecile Dubois' Class Amy Champagne's Class
Sadie Suire's Class Regina Caillouet's Class
Jenny Domingues' Class Rebecca Yates Class
Pam Cheek's Class Kelli Hollier's Class
Stacy Broussard's Class Melanie Allmean's Class
Melissa Romero's Class Lori Porter's Class
Kay Lurry's Class Maleigha Viator's Class
Jennifer Toups' Class Dear Santa Letters 2009
3rd Grade Time Capsule Writing Prompt "Eye on Tech" Projects & Photos
(A few) School Photos Time Capsule 2060 Project Document
What is the Dozier Time Capsule Project? Dozier DARE Graduation Pictures 2009

Other Items not included online, but placed in the Time Capsule were "2009 PBS Fall Fest" Class pictures, DARE
Graduation pictures, numerous class photos and Lori Porter's Economics Commercials created by her 4th grade
class. Note: All student work and photos were submitted in the time capsule. Only students with parental
permission were posted online with last name's removed.

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