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Moving forward by keeping our "eye" on technology!

As educational technology and cooperative learning trends continue to bring change, classroom settings have changed considerably the last two decades. As the importance of technology integration continues to grow, teachers are learning how to seamlessly mesh the curriculum and technology.

With what the school has in place and a vision for growth, Dozier Elementary has a goal to continue stepping forward by utilizing current technology resources, with a hope of gaining new ones as well.

Dozier Elementary recently completed their five year technology plan in the spring, and in its wake, began a new journey by launching a campaign for attaining more resources and is seeking more professional development opportunities. Professional Development workshops, online communication and technology meetings were offered to assist teachers with Promethean Board activities, websites and to discuss productive technology growth in the classrooms.

In early 2010, the technology committee also launched a Digital Wish-Technology Campaign to attain additional technology resources that will enrich lessons in all core subject areas. One target area was acquiring grade level tools for digital storytelling. In the months following the launch of the project, the school was able to attain 7 grade level flip video cameras, as well as 7 grade level student digital cameras (with accessories) for digital storytelling lessons. Some teachers also had software donations, while a few computers were donated as well. 

With a goal at hand Dozier's tech team successfully worked to set up model classrooms for each  K-5 teacher.  (Model classrooms include 5:1 computer/student ratio, projectors, printers, etc.) Next year’s agenda includes upgrading several older computers and gaining additional reading and math software for their daily technology centers and intervention periods. Long term goals include possibly having a computer lab classroom.

Teachers at all grade levels are utilizing classroom computers and the mobile lab (with fifteen laptops) in an effort for productive and engaging lessons. Teachers are actively integrating technology in their classrooms by working with core subject area center work, writing assignments, graphing, research projects, web quests, VMath Live, creating timelines, powerpoints and more.

Next year’s goals include more professional development with the use of Promethean Boards, digital storytelling and ways to strengthen reading and math technology center work for the students. The technology committee also hopes to partner with groups and is continually working on technology grants for needed computer upgrades.

With a technology plan in place, goals on the horizon and model classrooms in place, Dozier Elementary appears to be ready to take another step forward with technology in the fall.

Dozier Elementary's Technology Committee recently completed their five year technology plan. The plan envisions more Professional Development sessions, an attempt to acquire more productive software for reading and math technology centers and upgrading older school computers. Pictured are Principal Karla Toups, Kindergarten Tech Rep Cecile Dubois, Pre K Tech Rep Ashlie Landry, Parent Rep Mary Delcambre. Not pictured are 4th Grade Tech (and Tech Coach) Lori Porter, 5th grade Tech Rep DeEtte Bigot and Tech Specialist Stacy Bodin.

Kindergarten Teacher Claudell Thibodeaux sits with colleague Ellen Hebert during Frontpage session to share information about creating classroom websites to enhance online communication with parents.

Pictured at an after school technology session are Dozier Elementary educators Rebecca Yates, Pam Cheek and Cecile Dubois.

Dozier Elementary Technology Workshop 1st grade teacher Katie Long from Kaplan Elementary was on hand to present a technology professional development session at Dozier Elementary in the fall of 2009. Long shared resources and tips on Promethean Board activities and programs with the group. Pictured on the back row are District Technology Specialist Mike Dartez, Cecile Dubois, Melissa Romero, Stacy Broussard, Claudell Thibodeaux, presenter Katie Long, Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert. Shown on the front row are Hope Hebert, Melanie Alleman and Rachel Romero.

Pictured is 1st grade teacher Katie Long from Kaplan Elementary who traveled to Dozier Elementary to present a technology professional development session.

Dozier Elementary's 5th grade team of teachers DeEtte Bigot, Andrea Bernard, Jill Viator and Suzette Stutes utilized the computer lab daily with an assortment of lessons for reading, writing, science, social studies and math. Pictured is Ahna on one of the school laptops in the mobile lab.

Kindergarten Tech Tykes: Shown working on computers in Cecile Dubois' class during reading tech center time are Alani and Emma .


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