Clicking Our Heels And Wishing For New Computers.

Quite obviously, we live in a technology oriented world. Though we are in our seventeenth year of a new century, building a 21st-century classroom seems ideal on paper,  but somewhat difficult with a lack of technology money readily available. The problem obviously lies with school systems not always being able to fund additional equipment. Our educators work hard annually to gain resources with annual individual or group grants. Though not always successful, we know in our hearts we are striving to set up model technology classrooms for our little ones.

As much as we'd like to click our "red heels" like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to get what we want, as adults, we're told that no such power exists. However, despite reality, our educators still want to believe a little magic and generous hearts truly do exist. So, with that said, we are clicking our heels with closed eyes and wishing for new Windows 10 computers. (We'd love one computer for each our 35 classrooms, but we are realistic and would happily accept any amount of new computers for our students.)

In September of 2005, our school plant, community, and Dozier Elementary's technology journey truly took an unexpected and devastating turn. After our building endured two tidal surges and massive flooding with Hurricanes Rita and Ike in 2005 and 2008, we found ourselves displaced and rebuilding not only our school but our technology program in terms of equipment lost. After four moves in four years, we finally returned to our original school plant in 2009. Down the halls, heard with whispers with tears shed all sharing the same sentiment... "there's no place like home!" (The complete background story written in 2009, can be found @

In 2009, once our school was finally back at our actual school plant, Dozier Elementary decided to move forward using their “Eye on Technology” theme and venturing out with a new idea. With the spotlight on their website @, the school launched an "Eye on Tech" campaign in hopes of refreshing their technology program and gaining needed resources. The process has been slow, but the school has been able to acquire computers through individual grants and helpful donors at the time, but eight years later, the need is still a major priority.

With the 2014 forced updates for Windows computers, it left a number of our student computers vulnerable, unable to use, or it slowed them down tremendously and beyond use. Many rendered obsolete. Simply put, at this time, Dozier Elementary is in need of new student computers. So, our primary school goal at this point is to eventually purchase at the very least, one new "student" computer per classroom and our technology program could use your help to reach that goal.

As the school ushers in 2017, school leaders Karla Toups and Christine Hebert, as well as their educators are now focusing on a new goal, to attain new Windows 10 computers for the students. The teachers would love one new student computer per classroom, but they realize that may not be a feasible idea. Suffice it to say, the leaders and educators would gladly settle for any amount of new computers they could receive.

As new technologies emerge on the horizon each year, Dozier Elementary continues to work hard to remain a step ahead by keeping their "Eye on Technology" campaign going by upgrading older computers.

Our dedicated teachers work hard to provide technology-rich lessons for the students. As a school, we truly believe this statement Bill Gates has shared in the past."Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important." With that said, please know that our Dozier Elementary teachers and students love using technology in our classrooms. However, for obvious reasons, purchasing technology is not always in the budget of school systems, but we are definitely working hard to move forward.

The purchase of one new student computer for each of our thirty-five classrooms would be beneficial to us. With thirty-five new Windows 10 computers, our students could engage in richer technology based lessons that seamlessly mesh technology with the curriculum Those would also help with RTI (Response to Intervention), Intervention, as well as math and all other subjects. The internet offers an endless array of lessons to encourage our student growth. We know having new computers would help them continue to engage in meaningful project based lessons that would allow them to reach for the stars.

If one enters the school today, as with the "Wizard of Oz" characters, you will find a school community filled with the lion's courage" gained through hardships, defeat, and frustration. But that courage intensified with each stumbling block they encountered.  One would definitely see students with the scarecrow's "brains" to excel in academics and in our world today. And of course, you could see the tin man's "heart" in our caring staff members who want the very best for their students. With Dorothy's wish to return home, Glenda the Witch tells her to "click her heels three times" to get what she wants. In our case, believe when we say, our leaders, teachers, and students are clicking their heels three times with our eyes shut tight, wishing for new computers!

As a school, we fought hard to rebuild after two tragic floods inundated our school plant, as well as attempting to revitalize our technology program once we returned to our original school plant in 2009. We experienced setbacks and often felt defeat, but in retrospect, we now know that with every disappointment, we laid yet another brick on our yellow brick road to come back stronger than before. With your help, you could add additional yellow bricks for us to have a successful technology journey this year.

With a technology goal on the horizon and hope of new equipment, our school plans to continue moving forward no matter what is at hand.  We as a school can continue moving forward if you help with this quest of ours.

Right now, we want to believe that a little magic and generous hearts do exist. So we are all clicking our heels with our eyes shut tight, and wishing so very hard for thirty-five new student computers to be placed in our classrooms this year.


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