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Lori Porter Named the Region IV LACUE Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2017

Recently it was announced that Loei Porter, a  teacher at Dozier Elementary won the Region IV LACUE (Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators) Elementary Teacher of the Year award.

Each year LACUE, the state's technology association, honors teachers and leaders with awards in each region, and at the state level.

At the Annual Conference in New Orleans in December, all regional winners will be recognized. From there, a state winner will be named for each category.

Lori Gunter Porter (a 4th-grade teacher at Dozier Elementary), just received word that she was named the Region IV LACUE Elementary Teacher of the Year. (LACUE is the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators). She was nominated by our Vermilion Parish Superintendent Jerome Puyau earlier this fall. Mrs. Lori is the epitome of what a technology-based teacher should be.

 She breathes life into Social Studies, Science and Math lessons daily using computers, iPads, cameras, video cameras and props, Google programs, her Promethean Board, ActivSlate and so much more day in and day out. To top it off, she creates and writes her amazing project-based lesson plans that mesh the curriculum with technology tools when those are not readily available. She never takes the easy way out. If it isn't there, she creates them! She is one of the most versatile teachers in Vermilion Parish in terms of implementing technology lessons using a multitude of tools every day. Not only does she focus on meshing the curriculum with these resources, but goes above and beyond in sharing her ideas and better yet, expertise, not only with Dozier Elementary educators but with other district teachers, as well. Congrats Mrs. Lori! Dozier Elementary and the Erath community are so proud of you! Please help us congratulate Mrs. Lori! She now moves to the state competition.


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