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This year again, Dozier Elementary will continue its "Eye on Tech" Campaign to try and gain more tech resources for our school. In working with the BING Grant, the formatting is a little different. To get into the top fifteen slots, we have to “vote" for our school.. The 4th and 5th grade teachers and several students worked to get this up online and we are hoping that you can do this to help us get “votes” to make the semi finals.

Shown are the students who were involved with Dozier Elementary’s rare technology filming venture to gain money for technology resources. (Back Row) Jean Paul Touchet, Drake Goldston, Mason Granger (Middle Row) Leah Vu, Logan Broussard, Morgan Alleman, Brennan Felix, Andrew Sonnier, Chrisitan Prysybyz. (Bottom Row) Brae Lee Suire, Jada Braly, Hannah Granger and Caroline Poche. MEET OUR STARS HERE!


Dozier Elementary “Take 2”


Upon Dozier Elementary’s return to their school plant last year and completing their technology plan, the faculty set goals by launching a campaign to receive more technology integration resources.


Riding on the cusp of last year’s successful Digital Wish campaign for smaller items, leaders Karla Toups and Natalie Hebert, along with their technology committee have already begun working on this year’s “Eye on Tech” campaign. Long terms school needs lie with upgrading classroom computers, replacing a computer mobile lab and Promethean Boards for classrooms which do not have any at this time. With massive district budget cuts, the educators at Dozier Elementary know that the reality lies with needing assistance, so the school is working hard on attaining grants and possible donations.


In September, the school decided to take a long shot and applied for the national BING Grant which involves a $100,000 prize and three $50,000 leveled prizes. (Elementary, Middle School, High School).  


This grant in particular involved three categories. The first was a narrative, while the second part involved photos to show needs. The 3rd component was creating a student video representing the whole school.  Using the school’s new flip cameras, several 4th and 5th grade students worked on a 3 minute “Keeping Our Eye on Tech” commercial stating the needs, the reason for their need and how donations would assist the school.  The school submitted their entry and now the process of voting begins. The commercial and more information on “voting” for the school is located on the Dozier Elementary website @

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Takes about 5 minutes to do this…. Directions are below or Download Directions to print.

Last day to rate entries is October 24th.

See Example Clip Below! VOTE HERE!

Note: If you can't view the clip below, see directions at the bottom.

1. Go to this link
2. Click on the 5th star.
3. You will then the stars again with the words log in to register. Click the log in hyperlink.
4. Click create an account and fill in the information using an email address, your name, etc. Click register. (NOTE: You may want to write your user name and password for step 8 now.)
5. You will then get a “Thanks for registering message.”
6. Now go your email account (that you registered with). You will be looking for a confirmation email from Bing. Open that email.
7. In your email, find the Bing Email. Click verify email link.
8. You will then get the Bing “Our School Needs” link again.
9. Sign in with your user name and password you requested above. (in step 4)
10. You will see a “Welcome Back Message”.
11. Click “recently submitted projects”
12. Find the Dozier Elementary “Keeping Our Eye on Technology” link box. (NOTE: If you don’t see it, click the K-6 link to narrow down the selection.
13. Click on the Dozier Elementary entry or click “view”
14. NOW CLICK ON THE 5th STAR to get the highest rating for the entry. When you do that, you should see “You rated this project: 5/5 and you are done!
15. FORWARD THIS EMAIL OR INFORMATION to any family member, friend, Dozier Elementary Parent/Guardian/Grandparent that you think would vote for Dozier to help us win this contest.


Questions can be emailed to Stacy Bodin @ or Official rules and guidelines!

You can read our narrative here!


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