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Interested in helping us purchase technology items? You can email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915. 

Our technology committee is interested in donations for iPads, (or iPad labs), computers, Promethean products and software for intervention and centers. If you are interested in donating money or items and would like a copy of our technology proposal mailed to you (or your company) email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915. You may also send a text @ 337-339-7394 during the summer months or on weekends.

We would need your name (or your company's name), address, phone number and a contact email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Our Journey, Our Story, Our Quest

Dozier Elementary has been on a long journey since Hurricane Rita's tidal surge hit our small town in 2005.  As you look at the school now, not evident is the long road we have traveled through the last six years.

It all began on September 24, 2005, when Hurricane Rita’s tidal surge slammed into a neighboring coastal Louisiana parish sending flood water in Vermilion Parish. Of the twenty district schools, seven were instantly displaced. One of those schools was our school Dozier Elementary.

From 2005 until 2009 our school campus moved four times in four years. Needless to say, it was a really long journey home. One thing we are extremely proud of, is that despite obstacles such as moving physical plants four times, losing equipment or having to rebuild, we kept our “Eye on Technology” and even managed to move forward in the process.

Of course, the journey wasn't easy and many things lost in 2005 were never replaced. So we decided to "help ourselves" by setting up an "Eye on Tech" campaign to assist us in attaining technology resources.

Our "Eye on Tech" campaign started on our website in 2009, by asking for help with simple resources which would help teachers mesh the curriculum with current technology tools. The 1st year, we were able to get grade level cameras, flip cameras and software with our campaign.

During the  2010-2-11 school year, our wonderful "Eye on Tech" business partners Hess, Sparrows, the Erath 4th of July Association and the Erath Backer's Club, helped us make great strides with our technology growth at Dozier. We are looking to do that again this year.

One goal in our technology plan and “Eye on Tech Wish List” included our school eventually having a Promethean Board in all regular education classrooms.  With the help our generous donors, Dozier Elementary was able to accomplish this.  In fact, Dozier was the 1st school in our district to not only have one in all regular education classrooms, but by the spring of 2011, all of our teachers had received professional development training as well.

Also in April of 2011 through these donors, we were able to purchase a new mobile lab and a five new computers as well. The donations from our local businesses have impacted our school in more ways than they can imagine.

Again during the the 2011-12 school year, $21,000 was donated by Hess and the Erath 4th of July Association and that was earmarked for classroom computers. Twenty six classroom computers were purchased with these funds. The 2012-2015 Technology Plan was completed and the school will purchase computers with district money and for the first time ever, the school will have a stationary computer lab as well.

Now keep in mind, even though we have moved forward, we are hoping to strive for more.  This year our priority lies with our continued growth by upgrading and replacing older computers for productive technology integration lessons daily.

Though we do have some nice technology resources in place, we also have many outdated computers with very little memory or small hard drives that do need upgrading or need to be replaced. So we could use "your" help with this.

After years of unforeseen obstacles that was thrown our way, the one constant for us was that we were able to keep our  “Eye on Technology."  We know that with our determination to continue our journey, coupled with your donations, we can continue walking down a path that will help our school acquire more technology resources to enrich our curriculum.

With a technology plan in place, goals on the horizon and hope of more donations, Dozier Elementary truly wants to continue moving forward for us to have effective 21st century classrooms. You can help us do that by contacting our Principal Karla Toups for more details or by looking at our school website.

We are not interested in continuing our growth by hopefully gaining iPads labs and Promethean products in the next couple of years/ Could you please help us with our technology goal?

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See our 2010-11 "Eye on Tech" Commercial

If you are interested in donating money or items and would like a copy of our technology proposal
mailed to you (or your company) email us
your address or call the office @ 337-937-6915.

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