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Interested in helping us purchase technology items? You can email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915. 

Our technology committee is interested in donations for upgraded computers, mobile labs, Promethean Boards, Activotes (or Activexpressions) and software for intervention and centers. If you are interested in donating money or items and would like a copy of our technology proposal mailed to you (or your company) email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915. We would need your name (or your company's name), address, phone number and a contact email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Our Journey, Our Story, Our Quest

As educational technology and cooperative learning trends continue to bring change, classroom settings have changed considerably the last two decades. With the importance of technology integration continuously growing, teachers are learning how to seamlessly mesh the curriculum and technology.

With what the school has in place, a renewed vision for growth and their “Eye on Technology,” Dozier Elementary has a goal to continue moving forward by utilizing current technology resources, while attempting to gain new ones.

Upon entering Dozier Elementary, anyone would instantly see a normal elementary school, however looks can be deceiving. Not evident as you look down the cheerful hallway, is the long road traveled through the last five years in the life of the school.

On September 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita’s tidal surge slammed into a neighboring coastal Louisiana parish sending flood water in Vermilion Parish. Of the twenty district schools, seven were instantly displaced. One was Dozier Elementary in Erath, Louisiana.

On October 6, 2005, a long physical journey began for the elementary school as the teachers and students moved the first time. The initial leg of their path began with a platoon system on a campus sixteen miles away. Making a difficult situation feasible for five months, both student bodies worked together to share one school facility by attending long days, three days a week.

With an excited community in tow on March 13, 2006, Dozier Elementary made its second move back to their stripped school for a short lived two month span. Glad to return home, everyone dismissed the bare gray cement floors, empty walls, the absence of classroom doors and ominous feeling in the once “warm” school atmosphere.

With extensive work still needed on the facility, the student body moved a third time in June of 2006 to FEMA trailers where they remained three years. During that time span, Hurricane Ike brought water to the community, flooding Erath schools again. With Dozier still housed in FEMA buildings, however the teachers didn’t suffer the loss they experienced with Hurricane Rita (even though the unoccupied original school plant did flood again).

In August in 2009, Dozier Elementary faculty and student body moved a fourth time to return home to its renovated school. As anyone could imagine, filtering through the halls, were familiar whispers of the famous line Dorothy spoke in the Wizard of Oz, “there’s no place like home!”

Though money was donated for damages at the district level, understandably earmarked funds were spent on high priority items for all schools, so not everything was replaced. The school did have Windows 2000 computers donated however those are crashing monthly now.

Despite obstacles of moving four times in four years and extensive loss, perseverance and commitment helped this faculty keep “Eye on Technology” as they continually moved forward. 

Dozier Elementary recently completed their five year technology plan and in its wake, began a new journey by launching a campaign to attain more resources. In early 2010, the technology committee experimented with a short term campaign to receive additional technology tools to enrich lessons. One target area was acquiring grade level tools for digital storytelling. Through this project, the school attained seven flip video and digital cameras. Some teachers also received software donations, while a few computers were donated.  

Long term goals are also in place, but due to district budget cuts and the economy, the reality lies with the help of grants and donations.

The long term “Eye on Tech Wish List” includes new classroom computers, a computer lab and/or mobile lab and purchasing interactive boards for the remainder of the classrooms which do not have any.

Currently teachers are actively integrating technology lessons in their classrooms daily, but hope to broaden curriculum lessons with upgraded equipment.

With a technology plan in place, goals on the horizon and available funding, Dozier Elementary truly wants to step forward. The reality at this point obviously lies with having upgraded technology resources to assist this driven staff set even higher expectations for their students.

Just as Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” found herself back in Kansas at the end of the story, evident was her happiness of her return home. Those same feelings are embedded in the heart of this school and community as well. However for Dorothy, the story ends there. For this committed group of educators, the realization lies with striving for even more now that they are home.

At this point, the truth of gaining additional technology seems somewhat out of their reach, but after enduring four long years of unforeseen obstacles, a mountain of determination in their heart and their “Eye on Technology” this group truly has proven that their eye is definitely on the prize!

See our 2010-11 "Eye on Tech" Commercial

If you are interested in donating money or items and would like a copy of our technology proposal
mailed to you (or your company) email us
your address or call the office @ 337-937-6915.

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