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On January 25, 2010, District Technology Specialist Mike Dartez hosted a Promethean Board session at the tech center in Abbeville for Dozier Elementary teachers. The professional development session was to help teachers receiving boards, learn how to navigate it, as well as how to create effective interactive lessons and flip charts. Prior to the fall of 2010, Dozier Elementary had boards several in place. With recent donations from Hess, the Erath 4th of July Association and Sparrows, each of the 26 classrooms will now have a Promethean Board. Promethean Boards are interactive white boards that merge lessons and technology to actively engage students in effective lessons.

Dozier Elementary Teachers who attended a recent Promethean Board session hosted by District Technology Specialist  Mike Dartez on January 25th are: (Back Row): Kay Lurry, Maleigha Viator, Mike Dartez,  Amy Champagne. (Front Row):  Rachel Romero, Regina Caillouet, Ellen Hebert,  and Jennifer Toups.

On February 23, 2011, a another professional development session was held at the central office. Those attending were Allison Migues, Rachel Romero, Maleigha Viator, Ellen Hebert, Amy Champagne, Regina Caillouet and Jennifer Toups.  March 1st, a 3rd session was held. Those attending were Lauren Landry, Thea Linscombe, Debbie Hebert and Angie Detraz.
Pictures Below-With Dozier Elementary receiving Promethean Boards for final twelve classrooms without boards, the Administration and technology leaders are stressing the importance of technology professional development sessions and creating opportunities to assist the teachers in utilizing those as effectively as possible. Educators from Dozier have participated in several Promethean Board sessions with District Technology Specialist Mike Dartez on January 25th, February 23rd and March 1st. On Monday, March 14th, one of Dozier's own teachers, Suzette Stutes hosted an after school session with several teachers on hand to learn more about Activotes. Activotes are electronic hand held tools that accompany Promethean Boards and assist teachers with assessment of learning.
Four Dozier Elementary Educators were presenters at the Delta Kappa Gamma State Sorority meeting on March 26th. The group presented the topic "Flipping Into the Curriculum" where they spoke about Flip cameras in the classroom. They all shared personal video clips of their student activities, etc. Pictured are Claudell Thibodeaux, Hope Hebert, Sadie Suire and Regina Caillouet.

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