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Moving forward by keeping our "eye" on technology!
Dozier Keeps Their "Eye on Tech"

Since 2009, Dozier Elementary has journeyed toward gaining technology resources using their school wide "Eye on Tech" Campaign. Last year, local business donations were made to help the school purchase a mobile lab (15 laptops), twelve Promethean boards, five library computers and five classroom computers.

With a Windows 7 mobile lab
purchased though HESS donations, Dozier Elementary students have been actively using those daily in all four core subject areas. Technology rich lessons have assisted students with whole class lessons, centers, cooperative learning groups, as well as individual assignments in Reading (ELA), Math, Social Studies and Science.

As with the mobile lab's daily use, the same holds true with the Promethean Boards purchased by Hess, Sparrows and the Erath 4th of July Association last year. Dozier Elementary students have been actively engaged by utilizing this powerful interactive tool in teacher guided whole class lessons, as well as hands on student centers.

With a mind set of continued technology growth and an eye on technology, Dozier Elementary used the Erath Backer's Club (spring 2011) donation to purchase and upgrade five classroom computers this fall as well. The school is currently working for more grants and looking for additional donations to keep the school's technology program growing for the 2011-12 school year.

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