Dozier's iPad Professional Development Session

Since 2009, Dozier Elementary has been on a quest to bring upgraded and new technology into their school. 

Each summer and fall, DES tech leaders complete grants, plan professional development and work to document evidence to showing how “gained” resources are utilized with the students.

In 2010, Dozier Elementary partnered with the Erath 4th of July Association by completing grants to put technology tools in the school.  With each grant, the school has grown with its resources.

Last summer, with their “eye focused on technology” the school submitted a new grant to the group with the intention of bringing tablets into the school.

 In May of 2013, the local organization helped the school once again by bringing them a $2500 grant. Principal Karla Toups stated at the student body meeting in May  “how grateful Dozier Elementary was for continued support and money by the group to help advance the school’s technology program!”

With these funds now in place, the school’s plan of action took flight in June with the school purchasing grade level tablets and accessories.  (Included in the purchase were: 4 iPads, 4 iPad covers, a number of stylus', four VGA adapters which will to connect to projectors for whole class ipad lessons and Apple Care licenses.)

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, the Dozier Tech Reps, leaders and a few teachers met to host their first iPad professional development session in their computer lab.  With two iPads already in the school, the group now has 5 grade level iPads to check out and one iPad that Lori Porter received with a “Tools for Schools” grant last winter.




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